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3 - 6 July 2019, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport


Adjusting the festival venue to the needs of its participants is our priority. We want it to be a friendly place for all. Below, please find all the adjustments for the persons with disabilities applied on the venue of Open'er Festival:

  • For audience members with disabilities, apart from the regular ticket-to-wristband exchange points located near the entrance, the ticket-to-wristband exchange will be also possible in Info Point by the campsite and in dedicated points located at the entrances from the parking lot for the audience.

  • For the convenience of persons with troubles in moving independently, wheelchairs will be available for them at the entrances and our volunteers will help them to get to the festival area.

  • Security is notified that blind people may enter the festival area with guide dogs (on presenting suitable documents)

  • Parking spots for the privileged, and persons with disabilities (including temporary disabilities) and pregnant women, is located near the entrance to the festival venue from the car park for the audience (from the Kosakowo).

  • ATM in each Merchandising Area and at the campsite is accessible by paved road. All transactions are confirmed with an audio system, and keys are marked in Braille, making it easier for the blind and visually impaired to make transactions. Each ATM is equipped with a special plug for headphones.

  • Most of the merchandising areas are located on the hardened surface. In the remaining merchandising areas special paths for persons on wheelchairs have been built.

  • View platforms are located next to the three main stages (Orange Main, Tent, Alter Stage). An accessible toilet is located near each platform. Volunteers will help all the people with disabilities in reaching the platforms and will watch the platforms so no unauthorized people would use it. Only ONE person can accompany a privileged person on the platform.

  • Each toilet point has toilets accessible for persons with disabilities. The toilets are equipped with lighting.

  • ALTERKINO has a ramp at the tent entrance and wheelchair space at the front of house.

  • THEATRE – has a wheelchair space at the front of house, and a special hardened path leads to the tent.

  • Our helpful volunteers will serve with help at the entrances to the festival (from the car park for the audience from Zielona Street) and at the platforms for the privileged. The volunteers will help in moving around the venue, avoiding the areas with grass and advising which way will be the best to get to the merchandising areas.

  • Strojenie gitar
  • Strojenie min
  • Rozkładanie namiotu
  • Przycinanie trawy
  • Plecenie wianka
  • Suszenie kaloszy
  • Zajmowanie miejsca
  • Układanie grzywki
  • Szukanie znajomych