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29.06 - 2.07.2022, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport



Fashion Stage 2022

The Fashion Stage is an inseparable part of the Open'er program and during this year's edition we have prepared something that has never happened before! The transparent tent will turn into a space whose main theme will be the idea of upcycling! We invited young creators of the Polish fashion scene who, thanks to their designs, give clothes a second life.

During the four festival days, we will make it possible to get to know the invited exhibitors. Their projects can be seen in specially prepared showrooms and at the impressive catwalk. This year, the Fashion Stage program will be enriched with upcycling workshops in which all festival goers will be able to participate. The end result will be decorations that will enrich the interior of the tent.



201 RESPECT was founded in 2018. All clothes are made in Poland. We draw our inspiration from the current condition of the the world. Style of 201 RESPECT is born out of the clash of two different visions of what streetwear is. Our brand is an intergenerational communication between designers. 201 RESPECT follows the slogans supporting freedom of expression. Where did the brand name come from? At the moment of the brand’s creation, there were 201 countries in the world. We express RESPECT for diversity.



Angelika Ożdżyńska- - an exclusive polish fashion brand created from passion and experience. High-quality, mostly natural fabrics, extravagant structures and accessories will move your fashion imagination. The latest LAMFEI collection is a tribute to female beauty. The combination of new models with the deconstruction of previous collections. Reusing fabrics and connecting with the vision of sustainable fashion. The collection uses over 50% of the fabrics from previous collections. Thanks to that, it supports ecology and limits consumerism. Preserved in the spirit of sparkle and diverse structures.Founder of the LAMFEI brand Angelika Ożdżyńska. Designer awarded in Paris and Saint Petersburg. Laureate of the Cracow Fashion Awards 2019, honoured with the NEW TALENT AWARD FASHION POST distinction. Finalist of Radom Fashion Show 2019/2021, WOW Fashion Awards 2021. Awarded by Vogue Italia and magazine covers Lounge Magazine, Malvie. LAMFEI’s projects were seen in TOP MODEL POLSKA TVN and as stylizations of many Polish celebrities, including Julia Kostera, Lila Janowska, Kayah, and also Natalia Shroeder. INSTAGRAM: SHOP:

SZCZYGIEL- s a modern and sustainable clothing design brand which presents mix of streetwear and high fashion with futuristic, conceptual tone based in United Kingdom and Poland.
I’m Fashion Designer, graduate 2021 of Cracow Schools of Art and Fashion Design in Poland, faculty of fashion designer, scholarship of Polish Talent Support in 2017.
I actively participate in fashion events, my previous collections was parts of fashion shows at Cracow Fashion Week in 2018, 2019 and 2020. I have been selected and invited to include my portfolio and profile designer account in @notiustalabel, @ArtsThread.
During these years I attended fashion contests which allowed me to challenge myself in different projects.
2018-2021 I was a scholarship holder of Polish Talent Support program supporting young polish talents from around the world based in Cracow Schools Of Art and Fashion Design . I took part in fashion shows with my previous collections during the Cracow Fashion Week in 2018, 2019 and 2020, Cracow Fashion Week 2021, Wroclaw Fashion Week 2021, London Fashion Week 2021, Leicester Fashion Week 2021, Urbban Fusion Festival Art and Fashion 2021, Cracow Fashion Week 2022, Budapest Central European Fashion Week 2022/ AW 2023, Enter Fashion Show 2022/ Birmingham, LONDON FASHION WEEK 2022.
Winner of Polish Talent Support 2017 edition.
Winner of Cracow Fashion Awards 2021. Designer profile account @NOTJUSTALABEL and @ARTS THREAD.
I design in accordance to the sustainable fashion rules .
My previous collection - THAT'S THE WAY I AM - was inspired by British Fashion Looks and everything around London streets, subcultures of London, Lady Diana, Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood. I included in my collection zero waste fashion, played with fabric waste. Collection made from ends of limited fabric and scraps.
"THAT'S THE WAY I AM" as a COLLECTION OF THE YEAR 2021 Cracow Fashion Awards.
AW 2022/23 collection SPACED OUT refers 80’s, inspired by spectacular and famous, iconic Barbican centre in London full of the brutalism modern architecture.
Big shoulders, 80’s punk fashion, power suits, bold, off-the-shoulder jackets, statement accessories, full of hybrid styles. This collection presents the opportunity to adapt to the challenges of your daily life while still retaining the edge in your style.
Collection named as a strong and arresting marked by exaggerated, layered silhouettes - all with a distinctly futuristic tone.
Like it or not, the 80's are back in full force.
Collection designed in accordance to the sustainable fashion rules as up-cycling, reconstructed and redesigned old vintage garments.
The unusual feature of the brand is the variety by combining materials and styles. It is a wonderful mix- and-match of unique designs. Diversity is the most valuable currency in today’s fashion world. Women wearing SZCZYGIEL- brand should feel beautiful, feminine powerful, dynamic, strong, regardless of their age.

Instagram: a_szczygiel_


Exprimere_te from Latin express yourself, is a clothes brand created for those who value beauty and individual style.

For those who perceive the current climate threat, for those who are aware of the destructive impact on the environment of the so-called fast fashion.

For those for whom clothes do not play a useful role but are a carrier of value, a work of art.

Exprimere __te clothes are distinguished by a hand-painted artistic theme and a mulberry finish inspired by Japanese sashiko I boro embroidery technique.

Bearing in mind ecology, care for the planet and sustainable development, the collection is mostly based on vintage items.

The brand was created by costume designer Izabela Wasilewska, an art lover, aesthetics, who is in love in the interwar period, keeping in mind the good of our planet, wanting to change the apathetic picture of the fashion industry.

5 years ago @jackobbuczynski was one of the first designers who were not afraid of reusing second-hand clothes and materials for new creating new pieces. Over the years, Jackob has created a one-of-a-kind jacket collection: JACKOB BUCZYNSKI and presented the power of up-cycled clothing. His brand recycles around a ton of clothes a year. Jackob proves we are not destined for mediocrity and that the creative and green solutions are within a reach.

This year (2022), a second up-cycled collection JACKOB BUCZYNSKI will come in. JACKOB is working on it in collaboration with Wtorpol - the biggest European sorting facility.

Are you curious what Jackob has in store now? Is he working on new jackets?

Or maybe this time he takes on a different vision? Come visit him on Fashion Stage and join his fashion show.

Instagram: @jackobbuczynski


I created my brand in 2016. I believe in art for people and I express it through avant-garde tailoring. I am a voice that will shout over the crowd faces illuminated by smartphone screens and will attract the eyes of at least one man.My projects are a critical fashion: I emphasize the strength and confidence of an individual trying to live responsibly in a world without divisions. I believe in an ethical celebration of life, according to my own principles. Each of my collections is a conversation with my recipient. It is a visual and tangible fragment of reality that connects all the people: the problem of preserving the identity of the individual in a globalized world. At the same time, my clothes are here to pay a tribute to materials, new technologies and conscious craftsmanship. I create clothes that are ready for the future: its forms create a code that makes it easier to function in everyday life, but also allows the manifestation of the ego. This code is intended to be a sign of rationality, discouraging overproduction and excessive consumption. Modernity is behind us – the future is happening here and now.




Naked is liberty, experimenting and freedom to express yourself through clothes.

Upcycling is a conscious choice, giving clothes a second life with love for our planet and environment.

Design is originality and uniqueness, our clothes are one of a kind, we do nothing twice.

We are a conscious brand, we have a mission and faith that upcycling is the future of fashion - this is what we strive for. We are the future. Join us, join Naked Upcycling Design.

Instagram: @nakedupcyclingdesign

FB: Naked Upcycling Design



RAD DUET was created by the designer duo Maciej Józwicki and Juliusz Rusin in 2017. In fashion, they raise topics related to Poland - its culture identity, social change, history and stereotypes. RAD DUET is aimed at people looking for a wise and conscious fashion, inspired by the figure of Maria Skłodowska-Curie - the only woman in history to win the Nobel Prize twice. They became famous in year 2019 with collection "Wiesia" which told the story of Poland and its Slavic identity. Due to its multilayering and scale, the collection has been repeatedly called as one of the most important in the history of Polish fashion.In 2020, during the pandemic, they released "Dom Kujawski" collection, whose campaign with the participation of grandma Wiesia became a viral on social media. In 2021, together with the leading Polish Drag Queen Shady Lady, they created the "Sawa" project to celebrate the LGBT + community. In 2022 they designed the installation "Kowalski in Space" for the Expo in Dubai.





Weronika Nowosad - a graduate of the Fashion School in Poznań and the University of Arts in Poznań in the field of Scenography, specializing in Fashion Design. Her diploma "KŁOBUK" completed at the University of Arts was included in the list of the 10 best diplomas according to the FONT NIE CZCIONKA magazine and was nominated for the M. Dokowicz for the best diploma 2020 of the University of Arts in Poznań. Finalist of fashion competitions: ART & FASHION FORUM, OFF FASHION KIELCE, FASHION DESIGNER AWARDS. Her projects have been published, among others in the LŚNIENIE, HIRO, L'OFFICIEL BALTIC, KMAG, FIRST MAGAZINE, HORIZONT magazine. Inspired by the region of Masuria where she grew up in, she and her sister founded the UPAŁTY brand.






You want to take part in our workshops, which will take place on June 30, 2022 at 15.30 - 17:30? Send us your application to the e-mail address: [email protected] with the subject of the message "Workshops - Dream Catchers".

Day one (Wednesday, June 29, 2022): festival-goers will create the inscription FASHION STAGE from materials scraps. The result of this work will be a large banner that will hang in the tent.

Day two (Thursday, June 30, 2022): willing people (15-20 people) will be divided into 2-3 groups and they will make DREAM CATCHERS together, using hol-hop and scraps of materials. DREAM CATCHERS will also become an element of the zone's decor

The workshop will be conducted by the designer of the Fashion Stage zone, Jackob Buczyński. The partner of the zone that provides materials to be used during the workshops is WTÓRPOL.

Fashion Stage

Newest collections, young and independent fashion creators – this unique stage was started at Open’er in 2007 and has since blended in perfectly. During the 4 festival days, under a transparent tent, the zone welcomes amazing fashion shows. The line-up allows festival-goers to meet young fashion designers and see their collections. An impressive catwalk, proffesional backstage and sale stands draw the attention of trendsetters, lifestyle journalists, as well as festival attendees, for whom fashion serves as a natural way of self-expression.


Olivier Janiak, Editor in Chief of Elle Man, was the host of several discussions. During Elle Man panels, we talked to young designers about the hottest fashion topics, authenticity, truth and the role of Instagram in today’s fashion world. Robert Kupisz and Michał Rejent, the zone’s special guests, have also shared their fashion industry experience.






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