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3 - 6 July 2024, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport



Fashion Stage 2024

The Fashion Stage is an inseparable part of the Open'er program, after a huge success during last year's edition, the transparent tent will turn into a space again, the leitmotif of which will be the idea of upcycling! We invited young creators of the Polish fashion scene who, thanks to their designs, give clothes a second life.

During the four festival days, we will make it possible to get to know the invited exhibitors. Their projects can be seen in specially prepared showrooms and at the impressive catwalk. 


GLAMOUR invites you to a color analysis workshop with Anna Lewandowska @ania_aliza_kolorystyczna  

July 3 | 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 pm and between fashion shows until 7:00 pm


ELLE invites you to a facial yoga workshop with @oddech.barbspa

July 5 | 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 pm and between fashion shows until 7:00 pm



The beginnings of Aurelia & Zwei Frauen date back to 2019. It was then that the sisterly duo founders released their first original designs: blending a twist-on approach to dominant design trends with the comfort of excellent quality and often also with upcycled fabrics.

Their flagship project became kimonos—designed in collaboration with renowned graphic designers and manufactured in Tricity, Poland.

The kimonos have earned the brand immense popularity.

Since 2021, the duo has been creating regular collections of limited series of clothing and accessories, showcased at fashion and cultural events in Poland and abroad. Aurelia & Zwei Frauen represent original fashion in every aspect of its creation— local yet curious about the most intriguing phenomena of fashion design. The stories told through fabrics and garments have attracted renowned media interest (TVN, TVN STYLE, Wysokie Obcasy, Zwierciadło, Polityka), prestigious awards (Forum Mody Polskiej, Łódż Design Festiwal), and recognition of influential charts (Vogue Polska, "Zwykłe Życie").

Instagram: @aurelia_____shop


Dominik Żyża is a signature designer brand that’s entering the Polish fashion market offering a full range of clothing, shoes and accessories. The brand emphasises sustainable production by using eco-friendly solutions. Żyża’s latest collection came to life using mostly repurposed second-hand materials. Upcycling makes every garment unique and one-of-a-kind, catering to the customer’s expectations. The brand is building an autonomous style which can be distinguished by the use of vivid colours and vintage features, drawing inspiration from the 70s and 80s. In ready-to-wear collections, Żyża proposes to modernise classic cuts by giving them a new, peculiar flair. The Dominik Żyża brand sets out to maintain a good relationship with the customer. That’s why comfort and functionality serve as an important indicator for the brand’s direction. Often new designs grow out of experiences of everyday life. While being for the people they tell a story about people.

Instagram: @dominik_zyza

"Szymańska" is an emerging fashion brand characterized by colorful prints. The clothes are designed for individuals who seek to radiate joy, courage, and share their positive energy. The brand uses sustainable fabrics and employs environmentally friendly printing methods.

The company was created by Ewelina Szymańska, a graduate of Fashion Design at MSKPU. Her graduation collection received the most rewards from the graduation gala partners. In the same year, she won in the Pro-Environmental Competition for Fashion Designers "Responsible Fashion Awards," as well as first place at the "Radom Fashion Show." A year later, she won the most awards at the "Łódź Young Fashion" competition. Many Polish and foreign newspapers wrote about her, such as "Glamour," "K-mag," "L'Officiel Lithuania," or "Basic" - a magazine published in Los Angeles. She has dressed celebrities such as Sara James, ‘’The Roop’’, and British star Ellie Goulding.


Glucka is a call to imagination and freedom of self-expression. Unusual approach to colours determines the brand's direction, including functionality and special focus comfort, so that you can feel at ease in any situation. Our designs do not only attract attention, but also meet the practical needs of active people. Uniqueness is our hallmark.

Fun, joy and madness are the driving forces. With our ideas, we convey the energy of life that makes every day special. Glucka arouses interest not only with great solutions, but also with our approach to fashion - open, creative and full of passion. Glucka is not just clothing - it's a lifestyle that promotes individuality and activity, creating a community ready for any adventure.

Don’t hesitate, join Glucka!

Instagram: @gluchkarolina

The brand Ľudmila Bubánová is created under her own name by an artist, designer and stage designer, moving on the borderline between fashion, theatre and visual arts. She explores themes of corporeality, subconsciousness, hidden fantasies and childhood. In her Warsaw studio, she creates hand-knitted original designs, using traditional craftsmanship to tell contemporary stories. For her projects, she uses recycled materials - crocheted curtains, tablecloths, lace - which she subjects to hand-dyeing and manipulation, giving them new meaning. 

Instagram: @ludmila_bubanova

Equality of diversity. The MatiJago brand was created out of the need to manifest a vision of the world where a person unrestrained by convention has the opportunity to play with his or her image. Thanks to well-thought-out constructions, clothes fit you regardless of your gender, figure or personality. Design based on traditional solutions used in a new way allows for a multitude of styling of individual elements. To ensure that MatiJago products are pleasant not only for you, but also for the environment, they are made in Poland from natural raw textiles and recycled materials, avoiding overproduction and minimizing production waste. High quality and unique aesthetics guarantee that MatiJago clothes are not just a one-season whim, but a must-have in your wardrobe for many years.

Instagram: @mati.jago

Pudłowska Warsaw emerges as a unique fashion brand born from passion and a commitment to exclusivity. Founded by Anna Szyłejko, a visionary designer, it stands out for creating one-of-a-kind dresses, skirts, and coats, ensuring absolute uniqueness for its clientele. The brand also caters to streetwear enthusiasts with hoodies and t-shirts featuring original graphics. Pudłowska Warsaw is dedicated to bold women who appreciate originality and wish to express themselves through unique combinations of textures, materials, and styles. Visit to explore more or arrange a meeting at the atelier located at Mokotowska Street 43/106 in Warsaw. Step into the world of Pudłowska Warsaw, where fashion becomes an art form.


Instagram: @pudlowska_warsaw

Rafał Zakrzewski is a fashion designer who focuses on exploring the relationship between the human body, clothing, and space, examining how attire can influence human perception and interpersonal dynamics. In his creative practice, he places a strong emphasis on intuitive design and hands-on craftsmanship, which is an integral part of his design process. He is a finalist of the XI edition of the Fashion Designer Awards (Warsaw), Best in Design (Zlín, Czech Republic), and Mazda Design (Łódź). His designs have been showcased at the National Museum in Szczecin, during Dutch Design Week, Łódź Design Week, and Gdynia Design Days.

Instagram: @rafalzakrzewski_

So we are actually siblings…Ula and Kuba.
We have been creating upcycling fashion since 2018. Carrying out individual orders and creative projects, including music videos concerts, fashion shows and tours. Our styles feature among artists/actors/influencers: Kayah, Nick Sinckler, Marika, Kasia Dereń, Joanna Kołaczkowska, Katarzyna Pakosińska, Michalina Grzesiak, Kamil Baleja, Agnieszka Kołodka, Olga Szomańska and many others.

Instagram: @ulka_ta_od_szycia

Fashion Stage

Newest collections, young and independent fashion creators – this unique stage was started at Open’er in 2007 and has since blended in perfectly. During the 4 festival days, under a transparent tent, the zone welcomes amazing fashion shows. The line-up allows festival-goers to meet young fashion designers and see their collections. An impressive catwalk, proffesional backstage and sale stands draw the attention of trendsetters, lifestyle journalists, as well as festival attendees, for whom fashion serves as a natural way of self-expression.





Olivier Janiak, Editor in Chief of Elle Man, was the host of several discussions. During Elle Man panels, we talked to young designers about the hottest fashion topics, authenticity, truth and the role of Instagram in today’s fashion world. Robert Kupisz and Michał Rejent, the zone’s special guests, have also shared their fashion industry experience.





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