Kids zone

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2 - 5 July 2025, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport



Once again, the Experyment Science Center invites you to the Kids Zone between 4 pm and midnight.

This year's Kids Zone will be colorful and... good memories. What awaits you there? The best scientific experiments, interactive exhibits, and most importantly – a huge dose of fun straight from Miami!

During marble workshops, children will mix dyes with sticks, combs, and even their fingers in a special pot and then imprint a multi-colored vision on paper or fabric.

If someone likes sailing, they will have the opportunity to build a mini ship and launch it into the "endlessness" of the ocean in... a bathtub.

If there is an activity during which you do not look at your watch, it is embroidery. Let the thread and needle spin in a mindful dance.

This year's zone will feature the colorful, interactive "Surfbus" from the 1960s. You will be able to have a retro picnic and experience surprising technological innovations that the bus will be equipped with.

It is known that there is no Surfbus without a surfer and a surfer without water, so using a special painting technique and an old-school projector, participants will project water.

Decorations made of natural dyed raffia will provide an original festival look.

The whole thing will be complemented by a game of arranging memories in the form of photos from several previous editions of Kids Zone.

In addition, the Zone will feature sports activities, attractions for toddlers, and much more!


In the KIDS ZONE prepared by the Experyment Science Center you will find:

- Goldberg Wall - Create amazing and complex solutions together to guide a ball to its destination. This is a fantastic team-building activity requiring cooperation from the entire group!

- Mammutico Blocks – use your imagination and build amazing constructions with Mammutico blocks. What will it be? It depends entirely on you and your creativity!

- Seed bombs – togehter we will create bomb seeds with local and non-invasive plants, that you will take home!

- Aerodynamic tunnel – would you like to become aviation engineers and test constructions created by you? Here you’ll have an opportunity!

- Light Laboratory – in total darkness you’ll be able to paint with light, test what sparkles in UV light and change the path of the laser.

- Soap bubbles – with specialized tools you’ll create the tiniest and the biggest bubbles and even close yourself in one!

- Eco-Cars – here you’ll design and build a vehicle, using only circular materials, to give them a second life.

- Eco-cards and wooden puzzles – discover fascinating card games and puzzles, which not only entertain but teach about the environment and its protection.


The Experyment Science Center prepered for you even more! Together we will address environmental and climate change topics in an unusual way – inspired by Florida. The CNE educators have prepared four diverse days filled with attractions:

Day 1: Beach

An essential element of summer, both in Gdynia and Miami. The beach is not only a place for meetings, relaxation, or sports but also hosts ecosystems supporting various life forms. On the first day, you will learn how to care for the marine coastline and uncover its secrets. You’ll paint a mini beach with light, make the sand vibrate, and explore its deeper layers to understand its environmental impact.

Day 2: Sea

Without water, life as we know it would not be possible. It is essential for plants and animals and forms the foundation of our entire ecosystem. On the second day, you will participate in workshops where you will examine what lives in water under a microscope, use fluorescein to see how water is transported in living organisms, and create different water layers to simulate various sea levels.

Day 3: Typhoon

Key stages of our lives happen in the atmosphere. This thin "blanket" of gases surrounding our planet influences our weather, air quality, and unfortunately, due to human actions, the increasing global warming. During the workshops, you will learn more about wind energy, the principles of gases, and even become aerodynamics engineers.

Day 4: Eco-party

An ecological approach is essential to maintaining nature's balance. Does this mean we should give up all modern solutions or even parties for the environment? No! It’s crucial to approach actions wisely and consciously to balance fun with environmental protection. On the last day of Open’er, we’ll light up our party with potato biomass, use vegetables to create an electric keyboard, and transmit music through a human!



In KIDS ZONE there is a comfortable toilet for kids, changing table and breastfeeding corner. Kids are constantly under the care of their parents and people without special wristbands cannot enter the zone. You can watch main stage concerts from the zone. We recommend that kids wear special noise-blocking headphones during the festival. You can buy them in our official festival shop. July 3-6, 2024, open from 4 pm until midnight The zone is animated in cooperation with Experiment Science Centre in Gdynia

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