Dom Qultury

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2 - 5 July 2025, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport

Dom Qultury at Open'er is a new, unique space at the festival, dedicated to various performing arts. We invite you to have FUN! For 4 festival days at the Dom Qultury you will see Mery Spolsky Live Act, Klub Komedowy, Gender Blender, Bal u Bożeny Collective, and Filipka Rutkowska (in cooperation with the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw).

  • JULY 3-6 / 17:00 - 17:30

    "The woman of... black coal" is a story told from the perspective of a queer woman who, through the prism of sexuality, reveals various techniques for overcoming barriers and limitations imposed by others. The performance takes the form of a stand-up comedy, where various biographical elements are mixed in an explosive way. Miners, the world of art, the Silesian dialect, non-binary speech and the party life of Warsaw... a free-for-all, or perhaps a path to achieving freedom? 

    Curator: Łukasz Ronduda, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

    Cooperation: Joanna Pawluśkiewicz 



    JULY 5 / 18:00-18:50 "TOXIC ISLAND"

    JULY 6 / 18:00-18:50 "ONE NIGHT STAND"

    Klub Komediowy (Warsaw, Poland) is an independent theater established back in 2014. It’s a playground for grownups where American comedy is mixed with Polish culture. Our comedy club is (most of all) a scene, a bar and a creative Writer’s Room. And since we’ve opened our second location – Rakieta club – also a dancefloor.

    We are showcasing our original formats and self produced plays. You can enjoy some improv, literary cabaret, stand-up comedy and improvised dubbing – all live! We are commenting on (not at all seriously) the current problems and mishaps of city dwelling, overworked thirty somethings. Their corporate careers, weekend plans and lastly but not leastly, their love and family life will be the main focus of our satire.

    Klub Komediowy is the leading and (so far) the only comedy club in Poland.

    Your girlfriend is an astrology freak – improv in ascendant

    We all love to make fun of the zodiac geeks. But who here has never read an astrology magazine? Or put faith in tarot cards? Are you trying to say that you’ve never checked your sign whilst leafing through a lifestyle periodical? That’s right! Regardless of whether or not we believe in the power of the zodiac, we all like to know what awaits us in the near future.

    Klub Komediowy invites you to an improv show in ascendant! We’re going to make up your horoscopes for you and act out a couple or more scenes about you and your future. Oh, and by the way, we can give you a hint or two on how to live your life, for example: “something is standing in the way of your happiness, all you have to do is find out what”.

    What are men really thinking about when they say they don’t think anything?

    I wonder who will be the main character in the newest season of “Bridgerton”. How far will my favourite team go in the European Cup? Can I use Anti-Dandruff shampoo and Head & Shoulders at the same time? – What are men really thinking about when they say they don’t think anything?

    Klub Komediowy invites you to an improv show straight into men’s psyche! Just kidding. Let the sleeping giant sleep. We are going to improvise a number of scenes about men’s interests and things they are afraid to say out loud.

    Toxic Island – an improvised reality show

    Welcome to Toxic Island! Contestants of our dating reality show – a few desperate men and ready for all or nothing women – will spend a couple of weeks in our villa on the Polish Andalusian coast on an island filled with emotional toxicity. Goal: to find true love or create bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime. At least in theory. In reality it’s a gossip filled, romance fueled, scandalous free-for-all!

    If you loved “Love Island” or “Love is blind” then you will surely enjoy our show! And remember, Toxic Island is not an island at all – it’s a state of mind!

    One Night Stand (I usually don’t put out on the first date…)

    Two people wake up beside each other after an unplanned night together. It’s the first date so it’s a bit awkward. You can cut the tension in the room with a knife. After all, they both agreed to a “hands to myself” policy at least till the third date. One of them is solving the wardrobe puzzle laid out on the floor whilst calling an Uber. The other one is feeling obliged to propose a coffee with the hope that the suggestion gets turned down.

    Klub Komediowy invites you to an improv show during which we will see a number of couples after a seemingly insignificant one night stand. It will be in the hands of the audience where the pair hooked up. The rest of the story will be fully improvised on the spot.

  • JULY 3-6 / 19:15-20:15

  • JULY 3-6 / 20:45-22:15

    Gender Blender Show is intended for viewers aged 16 and over.

  • JULY 3 / 22:30-23:30 / FACE WITH PERFORMANCE

    JULY 4 / 23:45-0:45 / VOGUE OLD WAY

    JULY 5 / 22:30-23:30 / VOGUE FEM

    JULY 6 / 22:30-23:30 / RUNWAY

    Bal u Bożeny is a collective that creates events combining performance with club culture. The collective's goal is not only to spread ballroom culture in Poland but also to promote the local art scene. The initiatives of Bal u Bożeny include workshops, panel discussions, music events, balls, and charity activities. 

    The collective's main goal is to create a safe space for free artistic expression, especially for the LGBTQ+ community from Poland and abroad. Through dancing and having fun together, Bal u Bożeny promotes diversity and inclusivity in the artistic community.

    Day 1: Introduction to the world of ballroom culture through a dance show and practical classes "Face with Performance" led by Bożna and Dana from the International House of Elle. The meeting will end with a joint party on the dance floor featuring dance battles. Get ready to celebrate yourself through dance.

    Day 2: Introduction to the world of ballroom culture through practical classes on Vogue Old Way with Mother Bożna Elle, ending with a showcase and dance battles followed by a joint party on the dance floor. Vogue Old Way is the first style of voguing from the early 80s. Once known as "Pop, Dip & Spin," it combines poses straight out of fashion magazines with elements of martial arts.

    Day 3: Introduction to the world of ballroom culture through practical classes "Vogue Fem" with Polish Parent Dana Elle, ending with a showcase and dance battles followed by a joint party on the dance floor. "Vogue Fem" is the most feminine style of voguing with elements like catwalk, duckwalk, spin, dip, hands, and floor performance. Its essence is the celebration of femininity and confidence.

    Day 4: Introduction to ballroom culture through movement practice with Polish Parents of the International House of Elle - Bożna and Dana, ending with a showcase and dance battles followed by a joint party on the dance floor. During the meeting, participants will learn techniques of walking and posing like a model straight from the high fashion runways of the 90s.

    Performances from:


    Bożna Wydrowska - known as the mother of the Warsaw ballroom scene, a visual artist, performer, and choreographer. One of the first people to popularize ballroom culture in Poland started Voguing in 2012. Since 2016, curator of a Bal u Bożeny Collective. Apart from her activities on the ballroom scene, she is interested in experimental choreographic practices related to movement and voice.


    Dana Vitkovski is one of the leaders of the Polish ballroom scene and the most recognizable figures on the ballroom scene in Eastern Europe, a transgender queer artist of Ukrainian origin, and a dancer with over 12 years of experience. She has been living in Warsaw for 5 years, where she works as a choreographer and performer, organizes balls, and develops the ballroom scene.

    VOLA 007

    A multimedia artist and performer active in the Polish and European ballroom scene since 2019. She is specializing in Vogue Femme Woman’s Performance. Her style blends exaggerated femininity and physical power. She is also one of the first members of the Kiki House of Sarmata.

    VOVA 007

    Volodymyr Yeremieiev – fashion designer, stylist, and performer from Ukraine. Participant of the Warsaw ballroom scene since 2019 and former member of Kiki House of Sarmata.

    The most recognizable from the All-American Runway category.

    ATEF 007

    Atef Amri is a performer from Tunisia based in Warsaw. He has been an active member of the Polish ballroom scene for more than two years, and his main categories are Performance (Vogue Fem), Lip Sync, and more recently, Runway.

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