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30.06 - 3.07.2021, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport



  • Give your cup a second life! Most of the cups are reusable – the refundable deposit (to your payment band) equals PLN 7. Segregate the rest of the cups!
  • Catering stalls do not sell food in plastic, non-reusable dishes and don’t give plastic straws.
  • 80% of foodtracks offer vegetarian dishes
  • In ALTER CAFE we use paper cups for all drinks, paper pulp plates, wooden cutlery and stirrers.
  • Participate in many creative eco activities at the campsite

Ecology at Open'er Festival


  • We decrease the use of disposable plastic cups year by year. In the majority of sale points at the festival, drinks are served in cups made of paper or biodegradable PLA material.
  • Some of the cups in which beverages will be sold will be reusable (deposit PLN 7) / beer 3.5%. We introduced this project in 2018. Other cups are recyclable. Next year we plan to eliminate plastic completely.
  • In food points, it is absolutely forbidden to use plastic and styrofoam disposable dishes.
  • We collect materials for recycling. Each day of the festival, thanks to our ECO volunteers and cleaning crews, we manage to collect most plastic bottles and aluminum beverage cans, paper and cardboard packaging. In addition, we set up bins for disposable cups at the festival, which we also prepare for recycling after initial segregation. Collected material goes to the balers which compress the volume of collected waste. Thanks to this, the transport of materials for recycling is more economical and, above all, we limit the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances to the atmosphere. Waste is collected from the entire festival area, including technical facilities and artists' dressing rooms.
  • We also collect glass waste in points where beverages are poured from glass bottles.
  • Thanks to activities related to selective waste collection, only in 2018 we recycled more than 10 tons of waste.
  • Last year's edition was the first during which we completely gave up the use of plastic straws.
  • Cafeteria for employees, restaurant for artists and other food zones are places where we collect waste in order to produce mass used in biogas plants for energy production.
  • In all three Alter Cafe points we use cane plates, wooden cutlery and coffee stirrers. Coffee cups are made of paper and biodegradable PLA material, the cups' lids are also made of PLA.
  • T-shirts available in the festival shop were produced with the Earth Positive idea in mind, all other products were made in Poland.


  • Thanks to cooperation with the City of Gdynia, there are buses that drive the audience to and from the festival - thanks to this there are much fewer cars in the festival area.
  • Securing the festival requires work of several hundred security staff. They get to the festival via coaches, thanks to that we limit emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere by replacing car transport with collective transport.


  • Zones built by festival partners are made of reusable materials. Example: 85% of items behind the bar in House of Walkers zone are made of materials used to build the zone in previous years. Elements that cannot be used in the construction once again are used in a different way - last year, dog kennels were made of wooden elements.
  • At the campsite there is an ECO zone with upcycling workshops and awareness-raising zero waste classes.
  • Orange Zone will collect used phones and at the same time recover some of the materials for reuse.


  • Due to the negative impact of meat production on the environment (through increased greenhouse gas emissions), we successively reduce the number of food points offering meat dishes. 80% of sellers offer vegan and vegetarian dishes.
  • In technical facilities, we have definitely limited the use of bottled water and replaced it with water from dispensers.



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