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3 - 6 July 2019, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport


Wednesday 04/07/2018 ORANGE MAIN STAGE

Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O’Malley shook the world 12 years ago with their “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” album – the fastest-selling debut in history of British music; the winners of Mercury Prize, BRIT Award, NME Award, Q Award and the award for the Best Album of 2006. But Arctic Monkeys were never about beating records or winning accolades. They were always about being themselves – the best band England has produced in the past 20 years. As tens of thousands of CDs were disappearing from the shop shelves, they were recording their follow-up album, doing concerts and releasing singles and EPs with new music. Only 15 months after “Whatever…” Arctic Monkeys released “Favourite Worst Nightmare”, BRIT Award winner for Best British Album of 2007. “Humbug” (2009) was a bridge between the UK and America, which definitely inspired the group. Alex Turner moved to New York, where parts of the album were created. Second session took place in California, in QOTSA’s Josh Homme’s studio, who became a close friend of the band and co-producer of the album. “Humbug” is a clear direction of what AM’s music was supposed to sound like in the 2010s. It began with “Suck It and See” (2011) which years later sounds like calm before the storm which was “AM” (2013). It is, as of now, the latest album in Arctic Monkeys’ discography; and according to many – the best one. “AM” won several awards – BRIT & NME. The album has been spreading all over the world and after three years without playing concerts, it seems that everyone is waiting for their comeback. 2018 is the time. Also for Polish fans who will see and hear Arctic Monkeys live exactly 5 years after their last Polish concert – on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018!



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  • Strojenie gitar
  • Strojenie min
  • Rozkładanie namiotu
  • Przycinanie trawy
  • Plecenie wianka
  • Suszenie kaloszy
  • Zajmowanie miejsca
  • Układanie grzywki
  • Szukanie znajomych