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1 - 4 July 2020, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport

Alter Art + Gdynia

Main sponsor



Heineken Stage

Live your music in our HEINEKEN STAGE. It is the only place at the festival, where you can enjoy a perfectly served, cold Heineken with a close view of the Main Stage. Between concerts you can relax and have fun taking part in our activities. After the sunset, we invite you to Heineken Stage to see performances by well-known, polish DJs.

On top of that, remember that you can enjoy beer at the concert near the stage thanks to Heineken3 (lower alcohol content beer). Heineken 3 will be available in specially branded points of sale.

See you there!


Firestone builds tyres on a legacy of strength and reliability, but the tyre manufacturer has also been driven by music since 1928. Hosting stages at festivals across Europe, Firestone remains dedicated to give a chance to up-and-coming bands who are working hard to make it big.

House of Walkers

House of Walkers is a specially designed space that gives you a possibility to enjoy the time spent with friends listening to your favorite music. At the venue, each guest will be able to experience and enjoy what we have the best. We will take you on a journey showing the history of our brand and the diversity of our flavors. You will discover surprising cocktails inspired by the energy and atmosphere of London, Singapore, Cape Town or Rio de Janeiro.   Join the House of Walkers zone, enjoy drinks and collect stamps in the festival passport to exchange them for festival gadgets.

Keep Walking!


Discover fully diverse & fruity world of Tymbark at the Open’er Festival. We love music and good mixes as much as YOU do! That’s why you can find us almost everywhere for these four days. Visit one of our tents and try refreshment you’ve never tried before! Let’s taste our new must have – combination of exotic mango and refreshing mint!

Come to our green chilling zone with your friends to chill out between concerts and feel refreshing effects of our fruity novelties, lemonades, cold drinks, the new mixes of lemonane and ice tea!

#LoveLife #LoveMusic

Deer Zone

Deers sleep only 60-100 minutes a day, don’t waste your time and come with your team to the Deer Zone! You will find good music that will be played in the hunter's rhythm and a special Instabooth, thanks to which you will be able to collect unforgettable moments with your friends. Together, we will toast to co-create the legend #ktojägniemy


At LEVI’S® Make It Personal zone you will get an opportunity to give new life to iconic Levi’s® clothes you own and at the same time explore the secrets of customisation. Making alterations under the supervision of tailor masters, a tie-dye station, digital embroidery, especially designed prints and endless possibilities for alterations - these are only some of the attractions Levi’s® prepared. This year the chill zone has two levels; it is bigger and even cooler. Discover your style anew, transform your clothes and have fun with us! #LiveInLevis


Żubrówka Bison Grass will be present on Opener again. The festiwal goers will have the possibility to try the mix of Żubrówka Bison Grass and cider. This mix is a mixture of two different natures. Light, pulsating with freshness of polish orchards cider and wilderness from Białowierza forest with indomitable taste of Żubrówka Bison Grass. They once more created a buzzing with freshness drink with a suggestive name and unique taste served in our festival zone. Additionally for all seeking for great fun in the vacation mood Żubrówka prepared lots of attractions: wild make up lightened by the UV light, hair styling with flowers, wild tattoos and many more...


Samsung Galaxy A Series is built for the Era of Live! You can stream, record, take epic pictures and share them with the whole world. Is there a better opportunity for this than Opener? Very unlikely! That’s why, during a break from music attractions, we invite you to the Samsung zone.  We have prepared a mirror room, where you can take infinite selfies and amazing swings - immersed in a wave of the colorful ribbons.

If you want to take some creative photos with your smartphone, you just can't miss it. Let’s meet by the letter „A”!


Lay's is a brand that is associated with the delicious flavor of crisps and a great time spent with friends. During the summer, we feel that the moments together taste better with Lay's. Every year we prepare for you a number of summer attractions, so that there are plenty of such moments. This year, we will "turn up" the summer and we show that music and summer festivals are a great time for crunching together.

No matter what music genre you like most - there are as many of them as Lay's flavors. You will find this diversity in our Lay's zone, where variety of activities is waiting for you -  ideal for you and your (not only) music pack! )Music neon room, festival tattoos, comfortable chill zone or the opportunity to take the most instagram-worthy photo at the festival (how many hearts will you collect?). These are just some of the planned attractions, and if on the way you feel like delicious Lay's chips, come to our zone!

Take your pack to the Lay's festival!

Red Bull

Can of Red Bull is a regular party guest, at the club, festival and concert as well. Like many Djs, Bboys and other artists, you can drink Red Bull to achieve an epic party level during the day and night! 

Stranger Things

This year, the same as in Hawkins in 1985, you will be transported to another side of the summer and in between breaks from music, you will put your hands to work. On games. What do we have, you’ll ask? Only the best, we will answer. Dragons Lair? Got it. Donkey Kong? Here. Stargate? Sure. Dig Dug? Yup. Even with Mad Max's record. Do you think you can beat it? Then you will get out of the festival on a bike. Literally. Not exactly thou. We will deliver the bike to your door by courier. 

P.S. Mike and Lucas will be proud.


More challenges – More excitement–  More fun!

This is MylaQ for you! We come to you with colours to express your crazy nature and energy. Now, beautiful nails will accompany you in every trip and adventure, without scratches or chipping! Find us at the Open’er Festival, show that you are having the time of your life with your friends and win a surprise to take home. 

With MylaQ Girls do it Better!

Starbucks Chilled Classics

Inspired by your coffeehouse favourites.

Our Chilled Classics celebrate the elegant handcrafted beverages we serve in our stores every day. Starbucks espresso is balanced with smooth milk to create delightfully sophisticated drinks for chilled Starbucks moments and flavours on the go.

Join us during Opener festival, try delicious chilled coffee and make a legendary Selfie with Starbucks coffee.




As the sun sets, the festival is just getting started! Feel the nighttime energy with two new captivating flankers from Hollister...Festival Nite for Him and for Her. This duo of scents is the night version for everybody pressing fast forward on the party from sunrise to sunset.

Please come along with your friends to our Promo area operating at the campsite and let’s see new, incredible fragrance duo, win gifts from Hollister brand and have fun together with us. Hollister Festival Nite duo will create endless emotions and memories you’ll never forget!

Spritz on Tour

Aperitivo is the quintessence of the Italian lifestyle. It’s a tradition, that involves meeting with friends and sharing a toast. This year the iconic italian brand Aperol will visit Opener festival for the first time.  Come to our zone with your friends and try the real „La dolce vita”. Everywhere is good, but the best is when you are #happytogether.

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