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3 - 6 July 2019, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport

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Each festival goer is obliged to comply with Festival Terms and Conditions (available at, in the mobile app as well as at the information points). There you can find there answers to all the questions about the festival. 


Photo cameras with zoom over 6x • cameras, camcorders and audio-video recording equipment (with exclusion of mobile phones), or photographic equipment which might be used for professional reasons, e.g. cameras with interchangeable lens • Drones • Tripods and selfiesticks  •  Umbrellas with pointy tips •  Dangerous items (knives, sharp tools, gas, guns, laser tags, etc.) • Alcohol, drugs, etc • skateboards, roller bades, hoverboards etc.

Detailed list with items forbidden at the festival area is to be found in the festival Terms and Conditions.

FESTIVAL AREA is open from 3:00 pm until 4:00 am


Festival area: toilets, washbasins

Campsite: shower cabins, toilettes, washbasins


Remember, most festival goers exchange their tickets on the first day of the festival. To avoid queues, arrive at the festival area at least two hours prior to the gig you want to see.



Savoir-vivre towards persons with disabilities, or in other words, what can you do for another person during Open'er Festival 2019.

When you decide to help, do not decide for the person with disability. Always ask if any, and what kind of help is needed. Please remember, that anyone can refuse your help.

Remember, that if you are not able to help the person with disability, or answer his or her question, you can always report to the staff of the festival.

Remember to always talk directly to the person with disability while helping him or her.  Do not pass the information through the supporting person or other people standing next to the person with disability.

Always try to talk in a natural way, using polite language, no matter the type of disability of your collocutor. You can say "please go there" to a person on a wheelchair, and "see you later" to a blind person.

Be aware, that disability does not give anyone the right to inappropriate behaviour. If the need arises, you'll oppose the behaviour, not the human.

Remember, to never touch the wheelchair, crutches or any other objects belonging to the person with disability without permission. Never try to lift the wheelchair by the moving parts (wheels, push rings or the push handles). Do not put anything on the knees of a person moving on the wheelchair.

If you notice that a person with visual impairment has a problem with getting to any place, ask if you could help him or her to move. You can give him or her a hand, and walk confidently before him or her. Do not push the person with visual impairment before you.

Remember, that not all the people with hearing impairment use hearing aid. Deaf persons/persons with hearing impairment are often lipreading. Try to talk clearly, do not cover your lips and do not move your head to much.

If you see that a person with disability is trying to make a purchase in the Festival Merch, you can ask him or her, if they need help to get to the stall without waiting in the queue. Please also make sure that they have enough space to move.

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