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3 - 6 July 2019, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport


  • Yes, definitely! It’s important to have the documents confirming your identity due to your own safety. Especially if you have a 4-day Fan Ticket with your name on it, an ID with photo is necessary to identify the name and surname of the ticket holder. Additionally such document will allow to verify the age of persons entitled to enter the festival area without carer (more info in the Terms and Conditions of the Open’er Festival). When it comes to the children with discount ticket or entitled to free admission to the festival area, legal carers or a parents are asked to take with them a document that will certify the child’s age.

  • If you don’t have a national ID, you can take any other valid photo ID, e.g. passport or student card.

  • All people under 16 years of age must be under the care of an adult guardian at the Event area (more info in the Festival Terms and Conditions). Guardians are obliged to fill in an adequate declaration available (in case of a parent/legal guardian download here – PDF file, in case of a person authorised by the parent/legal guardian download here – PDF file. Declarations are also available in tickets-to-wristband exchange points). Holding or filling in the form at the festival area by an underaged person does not give the minor under 16th year of age the right to independently enter the event area.

  • Yes, electronic ticket should be printed out in order to exchange it to wristband.

  • We recommend you to appear to the venue with advance as over 50,000 people comes to the festival, therefore planning the last minute trip might make you miss the concert of your favourite artist.

  • In case of heavy rainfall, please leave your car at parking lots in the city centre and come to the festival with festival buses. The possibility to park cars on the festival parking lot during heavy rainfall is limited.

  • We do not conduct a booking for parking places. The number of places is limited. During heavy rainfalls the number of parking places decreases, therefore it’s better to use a festival shuttle bus.

  • There will be special platforms on the festival area, which apart from the persons with disabilities, can be also used by the pregnant women. Due to the nature of the event (i.a. the volume of the sound and the number of participants, especially near the stage area) we ask the future mums to think over their participation in the festival thoroughly.

  • Just as in previous years, special viewing platforms for persons in wheelchairs are located next to the three main stages. Please check details using the festival map or in the info points.

  • Bringing selfie-sticks, tripods, drones or large umbrellas with metal or wooden parts is prohibited. Festival-goers can bring a small, folding umbrella. All the items forbidden at the festival area are enlisted in the Terms and Conditions of Open’er Festival: http://opener.pl/en/Info/Terms-and-Conditions

  • Yes, you can have a small power bank (that fits in one hand) with you.

  • No food or drinks are allowed to the festival area. You can buy meals and groceries in the catering areas and stalls at the festival.

  • Persons whose health condition requires serving special medicines, can bring the medicines necessary for them, medical accessories to serve the medicines, food and drinks, however it is required to present a medical certificate about the necessity of having the medicines with you. Please store the necessary food and drinks in ways compliant with the safety rules contained in Terms and Conditions of Open’er Festival ( drinks in cans are forbidden as well as glass bottles and vacuum flasks). Persons with diabetes are encouraged to bringing sachets with fluid glucose available in every pharmacy.

  • For your convenience, there are two deposits by the entrances - from Zielona street and from Wiejska street (Kosakowo). You can leave all forbidden items in the festival area in Terms and Conditions (e.g. professional cameras, large, non-folding umbrellas, etc.) These points also function as lost property stations. The deposit charge is PLN 10 (approx. EUR 2.5) per usage.

  • Yes. The cloakroom is located between ALTERCAFE and Fashion Stage. It costs 5 PLN per smaller items (handbags, jackets, etc.), 10 PLN for larger items (rucksacks, travel bags, etc.) Charge for lost cloakroom ticket: 50 PLN. Attention! The cloakroom has limited capacity. The Promoter is not liable for any valuables left in the luggage or coats.

  • At the festival everyone will be aple to pay with their payment cards, mobile phones with contactless technology or specially prepared payment bands using MaserCard® contactless technology.

  • Yes, you can take photos, but only with an amateur digital cameras with optical zoom under 6x and with traditional amateur compact cameras. You cannot bring professional cameras, film cameras or any other equipment recording audio-video.

  • No. These tickets can be exchanged ONLY at the festival site - Gdynia-Kosakowo airfield and only in the ticket-to-wristband exchange point at the camping.

  • Everyone in the camping area must be in possession of a camping area ticket.

  • Yes, of course. Just as in the past years there will be free shuttle busses line "OF" during Open'er Festival 2018. The exact schedule is available here. BUSSES will leave every few minutes (depending on the need) from Dworzec Główny (Main Railway Station) to the Gdynia-Kosakowo airport (bus stop Wąwóz Ostrowicki, from Zielona st.). One can get on the OF line bus with Open'er Festival ticket or this year's festival wristband.

  • We do not plan to organise a taxi stop directly at the festival area. Taxis arriving at the festival from Zielona Street will end its ride on the crossroad of Zielona and Płk. Dąbka Streets. Just next to the festival gates (from Stefana Żeromskiego Street; Kosakowow) there will be a parking dedicated to MyTaxi taxis. In this place taxis (only MyTaxi corporation) will take passengers as well as end its drive for the persons coming to the festival area.

  • Come to Shelter. It’s an initiative that is there to help you. Go there alone or accompanied by our services who know where Shelter is located and will help you get there. In Shelter tent, you will receive support of our employees who provide psychological and medical help. The point is located to the right from Alter Stage opposite Festival City 3.

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