Car park

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3 - 6 July 2019, Gdynia
Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport

Car park

PARKING LOT FOR PERSONS STAYING IN CAMPING AREA: Entrance to the parking from Zielona Street. The car park is paid, supervised – unguarded, open 24 hours from July 3rd, 12:00 noon until July 8th, 2:00 pm.
The fee for a car is PLN 30 (ca. EUR 6) per entrance, so if you leave your car at the parking and not leave during the festival, all you pay is PLN 30.  

PARKING LOT FOR OTHER FESTIVAL GUESTS: Parking lot for festival goers is situated from the side of Kosakowo (Wiejska Street) – parking is paid, supervised-unguarded. This is also the place where you can leave your bike for free in specially designated places. Parking spots for persons with disabilities are located the closest to the entrance gates and the ticket-to-wristband exchange points.

The parking lot is open from July 4th from 1:00 pm until July 8th, until 2:00 pm.

A single entry to the car park costs: PLN 20 for motorbikes and mopeds, PLN 30 for vehicles for up to 5 seats, PLN 50 for vehicles with over 5 seats and/or 3.5 tons payload. Campers cannot use neither the parking lot for people staying in camping area nor the parking lot for other festival guests. They need to be parked in the camper area. More information can be found in the tab “Camping”.

Cars left overnight (i.e. not picked up until 6:00 am) are automatically treated as having re-entered the parking lot.

IN CASE OF HEAVY RAIN we kindly request you leave your car at the parking lot in the city centre and use our special free shuttle buses to get to festival area. Possibility of parking your car at the festival parking lot during bad weather conditions will be very limited.

Learn the car park terms and contitions here:

  • Strojenie gitar
  • Strojenie min
  • Rozkładanie namiotu
  • Przycinanie trawy
  • Plecenie wianka
  • Suszenie kaloszy
  • Zajmowanie miejsca
  • Układanie grzywki
  • Szukanie znajomych