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Tickets are on sale from September 1, 2016 until September 10, 2016 Or while the promotional tickets stock lasts (depending what will take place first). SOLD OUT

The maximum number of Fan Tix: 5000 4-day tickets.

Fan Tix are personal, electronic tickets. The name and surname of at least one person participating in the festival must be entered/determined until September 30, 2016.

4-day ticket –PLN  469 /  4-day ticket + camping – PLN 549 

weekend ticket (Friday & Saturday) – PLN 349  /  weekend ticket (Friday & Saturday) + camping  – PLN 409

Tickets are on sale from November 11, 2016 until December 15, 2016 or while the promotional tickets stock lasts (depending what will take place first).

The limited number of Early Bird tickets is 10 000 tickets.

The purchase of a 4-day ticket with the option of payment in two parts was possible only until September 30, 2016 only in ALTERSHOP – paying for the first part (PLN 239) , you could become the owner of a one-day Early Bird Ticket, paying for the second part until January 15, 2017 you can extend your 4-day Early Bird Ticket . More information: §5 Terms and conditions.

4-day ticket – PLN 559   /  4-day ticket + camping – PLN 639

weekend ticket (Friday, Saturday) – PLN 369  /  weekend ticket  (Friday, Saturday) + camping – PLN 429

day ticket – PLN 239 (the possibility of earlier start of day tickets sale before the Regular Tickets)

Tickets will be on sale at the latest from December 16, 2016 until June 5, 2017 or while the promotional tickets stock lasts (depending on what will take place first)

 *the possibility of earlier start of Regular Tickets sale, only in case of selling out all the Early Bird Tickets.

4-day ticket – PLN 599   /  4-day ticket + camping – PLN 679

weekend ticket (Friday, Saturday) – PLN 399 /  weekend ticket (Friday, Saturday) + camping  – PLN 459

day tickets – PLN 239

Tickets on sale from June 6, 2017 if they will be available after closing the sale of Regular Tickets .

Children’s tickets: Ages 3 to 12 (that is children who on the ticket-to-wristband exchange day  will not be 12 yet) – 50% discount: 4-day ticket PLN 299, 4-day ticket with camping PLN  339, weekend ticket – PLN 199, weekend ticket with camping PLN 229, day tickets – PLN 119.

Children under 3 years of age, (that is children who on the day of entering the festival will not be 3 yet.): free admission.


surcharge - camping– PLN 120 – available only in ALTERSKLEPIE

parking ticket for camper  / trailer with electricity access – PLN 540 -  sold out

parking ticket for camper / trailer – PLN 400  – sold out

festival SKM ticket - PLN 40 - tickets available via PKP SKM in Tricity


Tickets available in ALTERSKLEP,  eBilet  and in outlets.

The here above prices constitute admission charges for Open'er Festival 2017. There may be service fee added to the ticket depending on the tickets sales channels. 

We recommend you buy tickets from official sources only. By purchasing a ticket outside the official outlet network, you risk to buy a forged ticket and therefore may not be admitted to the Event.

All VIP packages include parking lot free of charge and separate entrance to the festival area, admission to the VIP area where one can find a reception desk and information, free cloakroom, comfortable seating places, view on the main stage, possibility of charging mobile phones, the zone of drinks and high standard sanitary facilities.

There’s a possibility of purchasing any VIP package with hotel package (accommodation in Marriot Hotel in Gdynia).

VIP tickets - it is possible to purchase these tickets via e-mail message on VIP@alterart.pl

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