JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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Dawid Podsiadło returns! He’ll play his first concert at Open’er Festival 2018

Dawid Podsiadło is connected with Open’er since the beginning of his carrier – just after the release of his debut, his concert opened the Tent Stage, gathering a crowd of fans at a very early hour. A few diamond and platinum certified albums later the vocalist again appeared before the Opene’r audience proving that it’s not a coincidence he is a one of the biggest stars of the Polish music- his concert gathered huge crowds of fans, only half of them was contained by the Tent Stage. Today he is back in the game, and he’ll play his first concert after 18 months-break at Open’er. No one has doubts that it’s a perfect place to give a clear sign ‘I’m back!’ and to give hints on the new material planned for this year’s Autumn. Yes, it is confirmed that all gathered at the main stage will witness premiere performances, and rumour has it it’s a dance material as well as new arrangements of his most popular hits. It will be a new version of his  artistic image,  Dawid version 3.0 leaving the ordinary everyday life from the last months for the extraordinary Open’er night. We can’t wait!

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