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Animal Collective, Tame Impala, Maria Peszek and Disclosure to Open’er!
It's the first announcement in 2013! It's the first announcement in 2013! Psychedelia squared with Animal Collective and Tame Impala, the cheeky young future of electronica - Disclosure and the brutally beautiful Maria Peszek play at Open’er 2013!
The most influential band of recent years, Animal Collective come to the festival to promote their most recent album "Centipede Hz". With nine LPs to their credit and the reputation to experiment endlessly, they set trends in more than one musical genre, not less so with their recent releases. They've been topping festival posters for years, giving their audience an unusual mix of psychedelia, pop, alternative rock and unpredictability, both on stage and in music.
Psychedelia is also the domain of Kevin Parker, the mainman of Tame Impala. The Australian band have revived psychedelic rock from four decades ago and put it back into fashion. With their two albums, they marked the territory they feel best in: great songwriting, mighty sound, flawless melodies and psychedelic feeling. In 2012, the album became a top record in the NME Album Of The Year listing, a final touch to great scores in all musical media. 
Speaking of listings, in Poland, they were dominated by Maria Peszek with the album "Jezus Maria Peszek", her third release, yet the first one to have her strong contribution, both as singer and lyricist, but also songwriter and producer. She shared these last duties with Michał "Fox" Król. This beautifully brutal, honest record will cause Maria to meet the Open'er audience again.
This audience will witness the first performance from electronic duo Disclosure. Thanks to them, 2step and UK Garage got an extra life in the times when you dance to the sound of drilling. The Lawrence brothers make more subtle and danceable, and most of all, extremely fresh electronic music. They will bring their debut album to Open'er. 
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