JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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Gdynia - Open’er city

Somewhere in the world there is such a place where tens of thousands people come each year to participate in the Open’er Festival. They long for those few days when time and space no longer matter. Something magical happens, something that loses its greatest value when it’s described afterwards  – namely one’s direct experience of the here and now. It all happens in Gdynia – a city-legend of the Polish sea, a city built on sand, a city of youth and sea breeze. During these few festival days Gdynia and Open’er are one and invite everyone to whom the beating heart of music is close. The word Gdynia is pronounced in a dozen or so languages and you can meet people from all over the world in the streets. Seaside boulevard, beach in the heart of the city, beautiful modernist architecture – are just a few of Gdynia assets. There is no other place in Poland, where while being at the beach you are still in the city.

Gdynia never sleeps, it is vibrant with youth and music, its seaside lights glitter in the surface of the sea and greet you. You don’t believe? Come to Open’er and return as often as you wish. And if you feel it’s your place on Earth – stay here for life!


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