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Dastin Poraziński| With my mind focused on the past, I walk backwards into the future.

D15| Our bodies are different but senses and souls are identical.

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In fashion, she is interested in detail, deconstruction, experiments with form and fabric. An important aspect of her work  is  a process of searching for beauty. She is inspired by imperfection and emotion. Apart from the clothes, she’s also passionate about designing accessories and designing and constructing shoes.
She was studying graphic design at the University of Silesia In 2012 she moved to Cracow. In 2015 she graduated Cracow School of Art and she had presented her graduation collection „Nobody will believe you" in Cracow Fashion Awards, where her collection have been won a main award – “Collection of the Year”. She is the winner of the European Fashion Union – Budapest and finalist Gombold újra! competitions.


Waleria Tokarzewska-Karaszewicz brand is characterized by multicolour, eclecticism, variety of decorations and top quality fabrics. WTK collections were presented during Fashion Week in Charlotte (USA), the last three editions of Fashion Week Poland and Lviv Fashion Week. WTK list of over 100 publications includes various polish and international magazines like Elle Poland, Glamour, Design Scene, Vogue Italia, Kaltblut Magazine, K MAG. In 2015 the designer has also won Seat Polska competition and was Audience Choice winner at Off Fashion Kielce competition. Her designs were displayed on Galeria Krakowska billboards and used in Polish edition of Top Model (TVN). She also works on production of video clips providing stylizations for performers like Cleo.

All clothes, embroidery, decorations for her collections  are created completely by herself, from the initial design, all the way to sewing and handmade embroidery.


Graduate of Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design and Faculty Pharmacy.

She debuted in 2015 with her diploma collection „Identity”, which won the Golden Thread 2015 competition (Złota Nitka). She also won the Silver Thread and European Fashion Union Award in Budapest, special award at Silesia Fashion Day, special recognition from Łukasz Jemioł, Hush Warsaw and honorary mention at the Cracow Fashion Awards.

Hope and the Debut of 2015 [by Michał Zaczyński].

Joanna creates using deconstruction and ambiguity,she plays with form in a thoughtful and planned way. Characteristic feature of her style is a unique combination of classics and modernity. Created forms are perfectly tailored with highly limited palette of colors in precious fabrics. This is the fashion, where the foundation to create is moment of reflection, vision and sense. During Open’er Festival Joanna will show all her collections and also the brand new “In-Between”.


We create limited collections of clothes with the highest quality materials. We want to grow and meet our customers’ expectations. During the period of our activity we were able to win large base of as well Polish as foreign customers. Our collections’ campaigns frequently drew the attention of foreign portals of streetwear. Our goal has always been to maintain the highest level of production and customer service, because for over a year we run our own sewing room. Each year we are increasing our team responsible for completing the orders.


LITFASHION is a duo of designers from Krakow, their clothing are a great combination of comfort and good fashion design, inspired by everyday street wear. LITFASHION’s designs are the response to the demands of functional urban fashion.

Designers are inspired by variety of different fields: surrounding style, music, sport and fashion matter as texture, contrasts and colours. Their clothes are characterized by the remarkable construction of design and interesting combinations of textures, colors, details, setting the quality and comfort of the product as a priority. LITFASHION is a modern clothing and unique accessories with geometric forms and interesting fabrics.


Magda Hasiak creates in Poland and has her own atelier for several years. Her manifesto is: ‘I do not design, I experiment and invent’. Magda Hasiak, as a self-taught, in everyday hassle and urban environment seeks inspiration, clients’ insights and vision. With impetus she intuitively translates her imagination into form, with no rules, no theory and rational planning. Unrestricted shapes surprise in every detail. Magda finds inspiration in modern architecture. New forms are created like sculptures and finished in a minimalistic style. Innovation is not just something new, but a solution resulting from the use of new fabrics, form reverse, deconstruction, new use of accessories.



Acephala is a fashion label fusing conceptual thinking on garment with high-end craft. It’s enigmatic name stems from the Acéphale (akephalos meaning “headless”) – surrealists’ most favoured figure of freedom. Acephala is literally a headless woman, metaphorically a mad, lunatic, female rebel overruling strict ways of reasoning. Identity and its relation to dressing up one’s neurosis are the crux of our brand.

The collection is always a story where shapes and fabrics work as narrative tools. Clothes by Acephala are perfectly cut, reveal attention to detail and are formed of printed fabrics and high-quality textiles from innovative weaving houses based in Italy, France and Japan.


Zuzanna Kwapisz (b. 1991), was born and lives in Warsaw. She graduated the International School of Costume and Fashion Design – majoring Fashion Design with distinction in 2015. Her first diploma collection "LAG" was presented at a 10th anniversary gala of the school and was awarded, among others, by LPP, Mariusz Przybylski, Paprocki & Brzozowski or Lamode.info fashion portal.
She was a double finalist of Fashion Designer Awards, she took first place during the XII edition of the OFF FASHION KIELCE, as well as she was in the strict final of the XXII and XXIII edition of Golden Thread.
Collection "Fabric collages," which will be presented at the Fashion Stage at Open'er Festival had a premiere at FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland in the Studio block and has collected very flattering reviews. The collection is inspired by the paintings of Grzegorz Pabel, fabrics collages of Sharon Etgar and geometric ceramic of Philippe Malouin.
When it comes to this collection and the entire work of the designer, she is trying to combine minimalism with an interesting design and original fabrics.

She had an internship in the fashion house La Mania, in the atelier Maciej Zień and Mariusz Przybylski. She also worked as a costume designer on the film "From Bed You Arose" by Bartek Konopka and the play of "Lake" by Yana Ross at the Variety Theatre in Warsaw.
From 2015 she has been creating an original brand under her own name, and her clothes can be purchased in a stationary boutique Pop Up in Modo or on showroom.pl.

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