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Since 2009, as every Open'er stage, Fashion Stage features real stars! They are not, however, music, but fashion personalities. This year, the Fashion Stage runway features nine designers. They're students and fashion TV show finalists, like Patryk Wojciechowski, or veterans in the business, like P-iFashion and its creative director Arkadius. Don't miss out on the ideas from the Stage partners - Showroom and Glamour monthly. Fashion lovers - you can't miss it!



One of the Project Runway finalists.  He is studying in Łódź in fashion design studio of professors M.  Czudak and M.  Szulc.  His style is marked by diversity and uniqueness of fabrics in connection with minimalistic forms.     


Contemporary swimsuits made of very soft, modern materials that adapt to the body.  The pieces are designed by Ewa Stepnowska, Warsaw Fine Arts Academy graduate, who started her career in New York at the Marc Jacobs Design Studio.  According to Sarah Maino, senior editor of Vogue Italy and Vogue Talents, the swimsuits were one of the best designs at the last London Fashion Week.               


Brand clothes designed by that designer are based on simple forms decorated with geometric cuts and prints. His collections are intended both for women and men and the clothes are characterized by good quality and attention to details.  Innovative approach to fashion is mixed here with the classics and sports elements.    


A young, fast-growing and dynamic brand, with comfort and oversize style as distinguishing mark.. The main assets of the brand are original cut, using handmade fabrics and using them in an unconventional way - by mixing heavy and lightweight, shiny and mat or stiff with soft. Perfect finish and subtle modifications make the outfits complete and unique.            


Rekh&Datta is a collaboration between artist and textile designer Rebecca Layton and clothing designer Monika Jakubiak, who met in the hot North Western plains of India, where some of the earliest cotton spinning and fabrication originated.  Their fabrics' abstract designs are inspired by the transformation of India into a modern society.  Rebecca's partnership with Monika has produced truly unique clothing that live well and reveal a relaxed elegance.           


MSKPU in Warsaw graduate in Textile Design. Her designs can be seen in many fashion magazines and internet portals.   She presented her collections at Polish Fashion Week several times.  Instead of focusing on color, she emphasizes on construction and mixing seemingly mismatched factures. She designs two collections at the same time: a more avant-garde, runway one and one that's more approachable, simpler in form, more ready-to-wear.


A fashion concept created by Anna Młynarczyk blending inspirations with surroundings, sexuality and transcendence of human nature with creative production. Anna's motto: "fashion is an expression of ourselves" is ever present in her designs. The Annomalia's Liquid Latex Performance "Express Yourself" during Open'er Festival will be the signature manifestation of her idea of fashion design. In a special lab, directly on a woman's body, Annomalia will create a dress made of liquid latex. The designer wants to bring to our attention how close to us is everything that we wear. She will also create personalized and unique t-shirts painted with liquid latex individually for each customer.           


P-iFashion - stands for Politically Incorrect Fashion. Unlike other fashion brands, is completely free spirited & independent.  The collections will be produced, as the market demands, resulting in greater efficiency of production & also the opportunity to comment on current anthropological affairs.  P-iFashion is reserved not to those who just happen to have money, but to those who open-minded enough to understand it and are independent enough to wear it. -  At the end of the day, fashion should be fun - says the brand's Artistic Director Arkadius.

On Fashion Stage, Arkadius showcases showpiece models from his previous collections, which gave him fame as an artist and visionary in the fashion world. He was appreciated by the industry's most prominent critics, such as Suzy Menkes, Sarah Mower and Colin McDowell.  He was promoted by Isabella Blow and hailed by alternative stylists, fashion magazines and celebrities, including Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mary J. Blige, Björk. Arkadius is the only Polish fashion designer who achieved global success on 5 continents. His style, created over a decade ago, has recently been used by Lady Gaga. Showing selected showpieces from the designer is destined most of all at the younger generation, who didn't yet have a chance to know Arkadius' artistic profile.

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