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Anna Poniewierska Ima Mad Jakub Pieczarkowski
Jarosław Ewert Kamil Sobczyk MART
Neogotik Klu by Edyta Jermacz Viamoda
LASEM Elena Ciuprina Olga Nieścier (VMI) - warsztaty
Mariusz Brzeziński Natasha Pavluchenko  

Fashion Stage at Open’er Festival has become an important place for Polish designers to meet and exhibit their works. The aim of this place is to intrigue, to inspire, to show the best and the most cutting-edge in the rapidly-changing world of Polish fashion. This year, the following designers will take part in Fashion Stage: the exquisite Anna Poniewierska, Ima Mad - inspired by female experience, the true-to-himself Jakub Pieczarkowski, the detail-focused Jarosław Ewert, the thought-provoking male fashion author Kamil Sobczyk, the mysterious MART, Neogotik - a brand for "elegant bums" and the entirely unisex Klu_by Edyta Jermacz. The stage was created in partnership with Viamoda school of design, who proposed additional collections, workshop and activities, while LASEM group animated it with its wereable works of art.

Playing against the rules of such a strange fashion market as Polish market is - that seems to be Anna Poniewierska’s trademark. She never shows collections that look fabulous only on the catwalk. Even viewed through a magnifying glass, her ready-to-wear clothes prove their immaculate quality. Fabrics are unique, stitches are highly professional. Poniewierska never announces her ambition to conquer the world, let alone talking about success. Self-promotion is not her thing, she just works really hard. All her collections hit the major trends of the season – orient, graphics, gymnastics… Her fashion shows are more like art installations than a vanity fair, so they do not attract a largenumber of celebrities. The designer and her fans do not mind at all…  
"IMA", taken from Hebrew, can be translated as "mother", "mad" is taken from English. Ima Mad is an experimental project, which combines two different design approaches. It uses design as a tool to describe reality, and at the same time tries to seek the source of our excitement and fascination. The theme of our collections is the Woman, who considering her age, or gender weakness, firmly shows the endurance and spontaneity of her sacrifice. The main aspiration is to find the source of the female behaviour, when confronted with a society that forces strict rules and behavioural mechanisms.
Jakub Pieczarkowski, born in 1987. This year received a Master in University of Arts in Lodz on faculties of clothing design and footwear and leather gallantry design. A winner of the Award of Creativity by KMAG magazine for his last collection “consequences”. He publishes in many magazines in Poland and abroad (Elle, Viva moda, Exklusiv , 1883 magazine, etc.). He tries to create in line with current trends, however without looking back at others – just not to get paranoid. His clothes are on the thin line between kitsch and good taste.
All ideas from Jarosław Ewert include courage in structure, originality of used material and a fresh approach to fashion. He is a fashion designer and enthusiast. Participant in numerous fashion shows and contests, repeated prize winner. His use of unconventional material and forms, throughout years of designing, allowed to develop a unique and recognizable style.
Operating since 2011, the brand addresses their work to courageous men who value their independence. Presented cuts are well-fitted to every body type. Attention to details , uniqueness and the choice of best textiles makes them a great alternative to mainstream shops. In his current collection, MANDU, Kamil Sobczyk obtains the structures that do not deform a silhouette and the details shall, in a brave but not exaggerated manner, add variety to the classic forms.
Self-described, MART = casual + streetwear + dark + ambient + past + no + future + fun + dreams + you + me + LOVE

Neogotik was created for "tramps" who appreciate luxury and elegance. Our clothes are inspired by the street and the style of subculture members associated with all kinds of rock music (with all its prefixes). Paulina Połoz is the head designer of the brand.
Klu. by Edyta Jermacz is a fashion project to make people (even if not many) fall in love with her clothes. Every season, Edyta matches highfashion and minimal streetwear. A minimal collection is based on geometric lines and unstructured pieces. The garments created are designed to be mixed with each other at will, without creating pre-defined combinations, but leaving the wearer free will.

VIAMODA INDUSTRIAL University is a new school of fashion and design of international character on the Polish education market. The University was established in response to the needs of dynamically growing environment of professionals in the fashion sector in Poland and the only one to be engaged in every aspect of fashion. As Fashion Stage partner, Viamoda proposes many activities. Their collections will feature university-related designers: Elena Ciuprina – Moldovian-born designer, stylist and illustrator from Viamoda instructor team, runner-up in MUUSE’s most promising designer by VOGUE Talents competition, Natasha Pavluchenko with her Basic collection, young graduate Elżbieta Banasik with her collection Whispers of the Night, six models in the shades of black and deep green, inspired by the dark world of illusion, as well as prospective young designer Mariusz Brzeziński. The Viamoda area will also feature an exhibitions of works by Viamoda fashion design students and photos by students of prestigious Polimoda Institute in Florence. All photography lovers can now "Become a Fashion Stage photographer", thanks to a Viamoda competition. Apply at konkurs@vmi.edu.pl.

Olga Nieścier, designer, artist, instructor, graduate of the Art Institute in Łódź and Polimoda Institute will propose trend prognosis workshops on July 5 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
Olga lives and works in Tuscany as consultant and designer for Giorgio Armani, Fratelli Rossetti, Burberry, Thes&Thes.

LASEM blend fashion and painting in toone innovative formula - clothes that are cut out of paintings. Artists invited by LASEM create paintings that are then exhibited on an art exhibitions, during which the paintings are cut out from the frames and turned into clothes in front of the public. Those quasi-exhibitions create a touch point between pure art and applied art, between painting and fashion, between a piece of art and a product. Clothes cut out of paintings retain the uniqueness and the element of cult, whilst staying a fully functional piece of clothing.
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