JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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A Winter's Journey (2.07) THEATRE Wednesday 02/07/2014 A Winter's Journey (3.07) THEATRE Thursday 03/07/2014 A Winter's Journey (4.07) THEATRE Friday 04/07/2014 A Winter's Journey (5.07) THEATRE Saturday 05/07/2014 Banks TENT STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Bastille HERE&NOW STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Ben Howard HERE&NOW STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 BOKKA TENT STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Bulbwires HERE&NOW STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Call the Sun HERE&NOW STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Carnival Youth HERE&NOW STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Coldair ALTER STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Daniel Spaleniak HERE&NOW STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Darkside TENT STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Daughter TENT STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Domowe Melodie HERE&NOW STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Earl Sweatshirt HERE&NOW STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Eldo HERE&NOW STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets TENT STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Fair Weather Friends TENT STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Faith No More ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Foals ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Foster The People ORANGE MAIN STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Haim TENT STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Hanimal HERE&NOW STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Hatti Vatti ALTER STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Hello Mark ALTER STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Interpol ORANGE MAIN STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Jack White ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Jagwar Ma ALTER STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Jamie xx BEAT STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Jerz Igor ALTER STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Julio Bashmore BEAT STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Kamp! TENT STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Kari TENT STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Kaseciarz ALTER STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Król ALTER STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Kuroma ALTER STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Lykke Li ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Maya Jane Coles BEAT STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Mela Koteluk HERE&NOW STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Metronomy TENT STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 MGMT ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Misia Ff TENT STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Mooryc ALTER STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 HERE&NOW STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Niewidzialna Nerka na żywo ALTER STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Night Marks Electric Trio & Archeo TENT STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Oxford Drama STATION STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Pablopavo i Ludziki HERE&NOW STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 Pearl Jam ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Phoenix ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 PINK FREUD PLAYS AUTECHRE TENT STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Plastic TENT STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Pusha T HERE&NOW STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Pustki TENT STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Rasmentalism & Marcinkowski Quartet HERE&NOW STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Robert Piotrowicz ALTER STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Rojek TENT STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Royal Blood ALTER STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Rubber Dots ALTER STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Rudimental ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Szezlong ALTER STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Terrific Sunday ALTER STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 The Afghan Whigs TENT STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 The Black Keys ORANGE MAIN STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 The Forefathers' Eve (2.07) THEATRE Wednesday 02/07/2014 The Forefathers' Eve (3.07) THEATRE Thursday 03/07/2014 The Forefathers' Eve (4.07) THEATRE Friday 04/07/2014 The Forefathers' Eve (5.07) THEATRE Saturday 05/07/2014 The Horrors ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Tourist BEAT STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Warpaint TENT STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 We Draw A ALTER STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Weeping Birds ALTER STAGE Thursday 03/07/2014 Wild Beasts TENT STAGE Friday 04/07/2014 Wild Books ALTER STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014 ZAMILSKA ALTER STAGE Saturday 05/07/2014 Żółte Kalendarze ALTER STAGE Wednesday 02/07/2014
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