JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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ADAM ZASADA BEAT STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 alt-J (∆) TENT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Animal Collective TENT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 ARCTIC MONKEYS ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Ballady i Romanse/Igor Boxx ALTER SPACE Saturday 06/07/2013 BLCKSHP BEAT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 BLUR ORANGE MAIN STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Bobby the Unicorn ALTERKLUB STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Catz’n Dogz BEAT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 CHLOE MARTINI BEAT STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 CHMARA WINTER BEAT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Courtney Love THEATRE II Wednesday 03/07/2013 CRYSTAL CASTLES TENT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Crystal Fighters ALTERKLUB STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Dawid Podsiadło TENT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Devendra Banhart TENT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Disclosure TENT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Domowe Melodie ALTER SPACE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Drekoty ALTER SPACE Thursday 04/07/2013 Editors ORANGE MAIN STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Envee BEAT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Everything Everything ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Fismoll ALTER SPACE Saturday 06/07/2013 Fox ALTERKLUB STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Fuka Lata ALTER SPACE Thursday 04/07/2013 Hey TENT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 hipiersoniK ALTER SPACE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Hot Casandra ALTERKLUB STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Ifi Ude ALTER SPACE Friday 05/07/2013 Jonny Greenwood // Electric Counterpoint ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Junip OPEN'ER 2016 Thursday 04/07/2013 Kabaret warszawski THEATRE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Kaliber 44 ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Kendrick Lamar ORANGE MAIN STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Kim Nowak ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Kings Of Leon ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Kixnare ALTER SPACE Friday 05/07/2013 KLAVES BEAT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 L.U.C & Motion Trio ALTERKLUB STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Lilly Hates Roses ALTER SPACE Thursday 04/07/2013 Łąki Łan ALTERKLUB STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Magnificent Muttley TENT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Marcin Czubala BEAT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Marcin Krupa BEAT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Maria Peszek TENT STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Matisyahu ALTERKLUB STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Miguel ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 MIKO CZAJKOWSKI BEAT STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Mikromusic TENT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Miss God ALTERKLUB STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Mount Kimbie TENT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Nancy. Wywiad THEATRE IV Wednesday 03/07/2013 NAPHTA BEAT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Nas ALTERKLUB STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Novika TENT STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Oszibarack ALTERKLUB STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Palma Violets ALTERKLUB STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Patrick the Pan ALTERKLUB STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 PATRYK NIEDZIELA BEAT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Paw Królowej THEATRE III Thursday 04/07/2013 Peter J. Birch & The River Boat Band STATION STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Pianohooligan OPEN'ER 2016 Thursday 04/07/2013 Please The Trees OPEN'ER 2016 Thursday 04/07/2013 Plum ALTER SPACE Wednesday 03/07/2013 POL_ON BEAT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Ras Luta ALTERKLUB STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Rebeka TENT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Rykarda Parasol ALTER SPACE Saturday 06/07/2013 Sambor ALTERKLUB STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Savages TENT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 SEB SKALSKI BEAT STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Semantik Punk ALTER SPACE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Skubas TENT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Skunk Anansie ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 SLG BEAT STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Sorry Boys OPEN'ER 2016 Thursday 04/07/2013 Stendek ALTER SPACE Saturday 06/07/2013 Steve Reich & Ensemble Modern ORANGE MAIN STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Stroon ALTER SPACE Thursday 04/07/2013 Tame Impala ORANGE MAIN STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013 Teielte ALTER SPACE Friday 05/07/2013 Terribly Overrated Youngsters ALTER SPACE Wednesday 03/07/2013 The & ALTER SPACE Friday 05/07/2013 The National ORANGE MAIN STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 These New Puritans TENT STAGE Friday 05/07/2013 Transmisja ALTERKLUB STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 Twilite STATION STAGE Saturday 06/07/2013 UL/KR ALTER SPACE Saturday 06/07/2013 Vavamuffin ALTERKLUB STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 Vienio (Profil Pokoleń) ALTERKLUB STAGE Wednesday 03/07/2013 XX▲N▲XX TENT STAGE Thursday 04/07/2013
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