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"Luminous", a 4th album from The Horrors, was released exactly two weeks ago and once again, it was a tough nut to crack to all those who like genre labels. The Horrors seemed a perfect victim of one-off hype, feeding their own criticism: their music, image and name were too intertwined to exclude a media bubble. However, the debut album from young art school students turned out to be an interesting fling of post-punk and goth rock. On "Strange House" (the title left very little to imagination), everything was embedded in horror-like associations, from keyboard sounds, through Faris Badwan's singing, to the obvious image and graphic design. Most importantly, The Horrors' music wasn't horrifying. After a few years, a band with such a burden had to fight twice as hard for their standing. First of all, they had to drop the image, secondly, they recorded an album that defended them as mature, conscious musicians. "Primary Colours" may very well be called one of the best albums, showing "how to get outside the box and put others in their place".  Not only did The Horrors' sophomore album close the year on top of the end-of-the-year listings in 2009, but also changed the approach to the London group. Upbeat, psychedelic, referencing shoegaze and even krautrock, "Primary Colours" earned a great follow-up in "Skying". Their third album was the first The Horrors album to sound as if they were smiling, maybe not with great joy, but definitely with hope. Once again, the competition was left far behind, although The Horrors seemed to disregard any kind of fashion. They became a band that's complete, yet still searching for more. This also applies to their most recent effort, "Luminous". The Horrors play Open'er Stage on Saturday, July 5.

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