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The Forefathers' Eve (3.07)

"Dziady" / "The Forefathers’ Eve"

Can the most important Polish national work be read in an universal, pop-cultural manner? Can Gustaw be replaced by a hippie, and Józio and Rózia, by "The Shining" twins? It can all happen in this play by Radosław Rychcik, to a surprising effect. His interpretation of "Dziady" / "The Forefather's Eve" is an unabided approach to both form and contents of the work by Mickiewicz, and finally, a hommage to freedom and tolerance.  "The history of humanity is a history of the media, from the press, radio and TV to the Internet and social networks. Our past and memory are for ever dependent on them, identical to them. Nevertheless, each of these media speaks a different language. "Dziady" also need to be pronounced - and heard - in a different manner. Let "Dziady" concern the entire mankind. Let the words of the prophet poet speak about us. Let the dedication to Part III of the work include new names: Martin L. King, Malcolm X, John F. Kennedy… Because "Dziady" are theatre and magic at the service of inclusiveness and tolerance. A voice on racism and removing the dichotomies: black and white, good and bad, master and slave. This theatre promises no truth; it guarantees there will be lies - at the intention of moving the audience and experiencing the cleansing community of the drama," says the director in an official release. "Dziady / A Forefather's Eve" only premiered in Tadeusz Łomnicki's Teatr Nowy in Poznan this March, and yet managed to make it to e-teatr.pl's Top 25 plays in Poland on the eve of 25th anniversary of first democratic elections in Poland, and earned the Grand Prix of the 39th Theatrical Confrontations in Opole "The Polish Classics in 2014". Rychcik's vision is greeted with enthusiastic reviews, regardless of the author's political views - not a rule in today's theatrical milieu.

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