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Singer, songwriter, and composer Solange Knowles released her debut album ‘Solo Star’ in 2002, bringing popularity to a new take on R&B that included Urban Contemporary elements. Proudly commanding her unique sound, she continued to explore the possibilities of straying from safe/radio-friendly jams by blending Jazz, Funk, Electronica and R&B/Soul elements in ‘Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams’ released in 2008 followed by her 'True' EP in 2012. In 2016, the deeply personal ‘A Seat at the Table’ was released, further defying R&B as we know it both musically and lyrically. Examining some of her own first-hand experiences, the album would contain 12 tracks and 9 interludes that boldly called out Black feminism and racial injustice while simultaneously serving as a shameless stand in solidarity with all of the world’s underprivileged and oppressed groups. From the heartfelt reflection of “Cranes in the Sky” to the empowering “F.U.B.U.,” everything about ‘A Seat at the Table’ was destined to shake up music’s business-as-usual. The pensive body of work was written, performed, arranged and partly produced by Solange herself and would go on to earn her solo career's first-ever Grammy win (Best R&B Performance, "Cranes in the Sky") and number 1 Billboard Top 200 chart placement.


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