JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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On one hand, this return was a sure shot, on the other, it brought the risk of rejection and misunderstanding that often follow when you get something different from what you expected.  With his solo debut "Składam się z ciągłych powtórzeń", Artur Rojek made it clear that he didn't want to come back to the days of his former band - Myslovitz, and he is in a completely different musical place than with the former outfit. The revolution started with "Beksa", which made it clear that Rojek's reinvention was a success. It scored #1 on the taste-making Polish Radio 3 charts and gained endless positive reviews, as well as sold-out concerts. Rojek and producer Bartek Dziedzic formed a duo who, although often clashing when it comes to music, yielded an album sung entirely in Polish, pleasing both fans of alternative music and those fond of a good pop song. Do we need any more reasons to hear Artur Rojek at Open'er again?

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