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Prophets Of Rage

„Make Poland Rage Again”, it’s a motto of the super band including the members from such bands as Rage Against The Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill, who will play Open’er in summer!

Present political and social situation throughout the world required a loud and appropriate musical comment. Who would have done it better than musicians from the most politically involved bands that we know? Prophets of Rage join the forces of Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (Rage Against The Machine), Chuck D and Dj Lord (Public Enemy) as well as B Real (Cypress Hill). Under this name inspired by the title of track by Public Enemy, they’ve decided to recall all the most important songs from their original bands, and to take a strong stand. So there was the reason, the name, the material, and most of all the musicians, the one thing missing was a strong motto, which would accompany the Prophets of Rage during their first tour in the USA. The president-elect was helpful here, with his patriotic-pathetic campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”…

During their summer tour in the States, Prophets of Rage have played over dozen of concerts, during which they performed such classics as: “Killing in the Name”, “Bombtrack”, “Bulls on Parade”, “Jump Around”, “Fight The Power” or “Insane in the Brain”.

On August 25th, Prophets of Rage released their debut material – an EP “Party’s Over” including 5 tracks, one premiere composition and four covers. Maybe this is a good introduction to a long play? We will find out about this in the following months, and today we’d like to confirm that Prophets of Rage will perform at Open’er in summer 2017!

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