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The world has first heard of Phoenix 13 years ago thanks to their album "United' and the single "Too Young", featured on the "Lost in Translation" soundtrack.
The next LP, "Alphabetical", brought singles "Everything Is Everything" and "Run Run Run".

Phoenix also released a live album and another studio effort, "It's Never Been Like That". Yet, it was their Grammy Award-winning, critically-acclaimed and gold-selling 4th LP "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" that brought them global recognition.
Bankrupt! is the first new Phoenix album in four years. It sounds almost nothing like old Phoenix albums. It was made by the same people, Thomas Mars, Laurent “Branco” Brancowitz, Christian Mazzalai, Deck d’Arcy, but they may not be playing the same instruments. The effect? Bankrupt! is not disposable popular music. Though the songs are quite pleasurable on first listen, subsequent listenings will produce deeper engagement and satisfaction. This simple/complex dichotomy is evident in the pentatonic structure heard throughout the album on songs such as “Entertainment” and “Drakkar Noir,” alongside the Wagnerian overdrive of “SOS in Bel-Air” and “Oblique City.” The album got very high scores from critics, bringing the band headlining slots at Coachella and Lollapalooza.
Phoenix are also renowned for their vigorous concerts with incredible, impressive visuals. We will witness one of these shows on Open’er Stage on Saturday, July 5.

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