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Nicolas Jaar

„I feel there’s a connection between politics and dance music, it may become a place for the protest in a greater level. We do not control this, how the album will be accepted. It frightens me, but at the same time it gives me power.” This is how Nicolas Jaar commented on his new album in an interview for Pitchfork. “Sirens” album released last September is now one of not so many contemporary examples of combining political issues with electronic. Of course this is not a direct comment, as Jaar refers also to his personal experiences. Nevertheless the material is a great material, that put the thirty years old composer on the spotlight. He collected many enthusiastic reviews, and with the end of the year a well-earned, high spots in best albums charts.

A great composer, highly-regarded DJ, founder and the director of Other People label – no matter which of Nicolas’s role you’ll choose, you can be always sure of the highest quality services.

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