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Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden formed the first incarnation of MGMT (then called "the management") as fellow students at Wesleyan University in 2001, taking root as some improbable synthesis of Fugsian merry pranking and early 2000s Billboard pop pulp. With the wide release of debut Oracular Spectacular in January of 2008, MGMT's reputation began snowballing on both sides of the Atlantic. Ironically enough, Oracular Spectacular went on to hit #1 on the Billboard newcomer chart in the United States and proved especially popular with fans and critics in Europe and the UK. Today, it is consistently ranked amongst the most celebrated pop albums of the 21st century. The band went on to promote it on successful tours with Beck, Yeasayer, Radiohead, Florence And The Machine and Tame Impala.

Without skipping a beat, the duo, along with the live band, began writing and recording their sophomore release in early 2009.Congratulations was released in April 2010, debuting at #2 on the Billboard 200. An inward-looking and softly-reflective 9-song folk-rock/post-punk suite, the album initially threw some for a loop but eventually solidified a lasting core of MGMT devotees who lovingly gravitated toward the band's honest and staunch reluctance to clone formulaic pop in the name of commercial success..

With the eponymous third LP, Andrew and Ben have significantly enhanced the MGMT catalog, definitively shattering any remnants of creative confines or stylistic pigeon holes. Songs for anyone who's "going through daily life feeling like an alien," MGMT draws seasoned fans and new initiates alike through a brand-new sound that's about "sinking in - and forgetting about time.". Feel the same at Open’er!

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