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Jerz Igor is a two-person character, singing and playing various instruments. It was created by Igor Nikiforow and Jerzy Rogiewicz, a musical duo known from endless bands. Not to bore you, we'll only mention the ones starting with P: Profesjonalizm, Paula i Karol, Pink Freud, Polonezy and Warszawska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa. Having noticed the lack of interesting musical offer for the youngest fans, founders of Jerz Igor decided to take the matters 

in their own hands. They wrote 12 songs, recorded most instruments and vocals and gathered the Jerz Igor Little Orchestra, inviting a number of outstanding musical guests. The stylistic scope of this home-made superproduction comprises eerie guitar ballads, the glamour of 60s orchestras, as well as synth nostalgia of their 80s childhood. The man behind the production and sound of "Mała Płyta" is the youngest of the genius Polish engineers: Michał Kupicz.

Lyrics came from their friends-authors: Joanna Halszka Sokołowska, Katarzyna Wojnar, Kamil Gamza, Adam Repucha and Grzegorz Uzdański. Although most of the lyrics are about sleep, they're not all classic lullabies.

The "Mała Płyta" foldable cover booklet was created by the renowned designer duo, Agata Dudek and Małgorzata Nowak. Releasing the album in such a rich form was possible thanks to over 300 crowdfunders at Polak Potrafi platform.

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