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Faith No More

"Faith No More vs. rest of the world"; "Faith No More beats all the competition" - these were the reviews of FNM's previous concert at Open'er festival. In the summer of 2009, Gdynia was one of the stops of the world tour of the then-reactivated band, and the group's performance on Main Stage made history.  There are concerts that combine the unity of time, place and action with a unique feeling for a perfect effect. And so it was on 4 July, five years ago. Today, we still remember Patton going on stage with his cane, a dance routine with an umbrella, the red colour of the heavy curtain that was the backdrop for the band, and most of all, a totally perfect setlist and an amazing contact with their myriad audience.

Although their latest studio release dates back to 1997, Faith No More are still listed among the most influential rock bands in the world. They formed in 1981 in San Francisco, but the major breakthrough for the group happened when they recruited singer Mike Patton and released "The Real Thing" exactly 25 years ago (on June 20, 1989). This album is both a metal classic and an example of an experimental approach to this genre, which mingled with jazz, funk and hip hop on "The Real Thing". The next three albums from the band, "Angel Dust" (1992), "King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime" (1995) and "Album of the Year" (1997) prove that the band do not compromise anything while building their position as the most unpredictable metal band of the 1990's. They became a legend thanks to their excellent concerts, Patton's charisma and an eclectic repertoire. Only a legend can, after all, return with such strength and confidence after years of silence.

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