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Earl Sweatshirt

Key member of the infamous hip-hop collective Odd Future, Earl Sweatshirt’s solo work has been taking off rapidly, and he has only just turned 20… Earl Sweatshirt was born Thebe Neruda Kgositsile in Los Angeles, and grew up in Santa Monica. He met Tyler The Creator in 2009, at age 15, after Tyler found his music on MySpace. Earl would eventually go onto join Odd Future, which also included Tyler, Frank Ocean, The Internet and others. He would go onto self-release with the album Earl, released in March of 2010. Even though the album had a growing buzz, he would disappear from the scene, as his mom would send him to a school for at risk boys in Samoa. He would be featured on “Oldie” from Odd Future’s “The OF Tape Vol. 2”, three formerly unreleased songs by Sweatshirt were found on the OddFutureTalk Odd Future Unreleased mixtape, but he was unheard from for the majority of the time. He would make his return in February of 2012, releasing a previously recorded song to his Twitter followers to celebrate reaching 50,000, ending it with “…I’m back” to wane off any doubt.

He would also be featured on a lot of his fellow OFWGKTA members’ songs, working with Tyler The Creator, Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats. He landed a deal with Colombia and a featuring on Frank Ocean’s Grammy- nominated album Channel Orange (Super Rich Kids). Establishing himself back, he linked up with producer Flying Lotus for a song Between Friends for the Adult Swim show. He began preparing to release his sophomore album, preceded by the buzzworthy single Chum. News surfaced on his collaborations with Pharrell Williams (on Burgundy), Casey Veggies (on Hive), Tyler, the Creator (on Whoa), RZA (Molasses) and many others. Doris was released on August 20th, 2013 and has since been receiving major critical acclaim, finding its way to the year’s best record polls in Rolling Stone, SPIN and NME magazines. Doris is full on its author’s prodigious abilities as a formidable young voice in L.A.’s resurgent hip-hop scene. Earl is skilled beyond his years, a methodical wordsmith whose splatterpunk murder fantasies were rendered all the more unsettling by his incredible poise.

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