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Bokka are a Polish trio, whose personal details are unknown so far, but what difference does it make when you listen to their music? Enveloped in secrecy, it enchants the listeners with cool electronica, blended with live instruments.  In their intimate songs, the song's percussion is the looped samples of convenient household objects like tissue boxes, glasses and half-full water bottles. Bokka do not imitate The Knife or Oh Land, but craft their own intelligent interpretation of the "Scandinavian" flow. Their eponymous album, released in November 2013, has already secured itself a place in the end-of-the-year listings. It was out on NEXTPOP Songwriters, a label to hone other Open’er artists, Fismoll and Kari. Their debut single "Town of Strangers”, recorded on a tablet in one sitting, was featured by Pitchfork.com, a chance only a few Polish bands had so far.

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