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07/01 The xx

The Polish audience was among the first people on the world who could hear The xx brand new songs. This was the expression of the unique relation, which exists from the beginning between the London trio and the alternative fans from Poland. We are proud to announce that The xx join the Open’er festival line-up as another headliner!

„I See You”, The xx new album, released just a few days ago with already a bunch of great reviews. Before even sharing the full material with the world, the musicians wanted to find out how some parts of the album will sound live. The test was passed, although the full concert presentation of “I See You” is still ahead of us.

We’ve been waiting for 4 years for The xx’s third album, this was the longest period of time in the history of their releases. The work over the album started relatively early, interrupted by solo plans of the band members, i.e. the release of Jamie xx great “In Colour” album. Today, when “I See You” is finally released, The xx members open up for their fans more than ever before. Their personal problems come to light, among them there are dramatic family events or troubles with the inside relation of the group, emerging from the break in concerts and studio work.

With the beginning of the year “I See You” is described as one of the most important premiers of 2017. The xx are praised for broadening and enriching their sound without any loss of what’s the most characteristic in their music – subtleness. Critics agree that this is the best album in their discography.

On February 8th, The xx will officially begin a tour promoting “I See You”. Polish audience, will see The xx on July 1st, when Romy, Olivier and Jamie will headline the last day of Open’er.

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