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06/29 Foo Fighters

Contemporary rock music would be incomplete without Foo Fighters. Apart from the status of a gigantic star, this band maintains a laid-back attitude, a great sense of humour and what’s most important, it can create a unique connection with their fans. Formed in 1994, the one-man project of Dave Grohl, Nirvana’s drummer, was supposed to be a form of handling the trauma caused by the death of Kurt Cobain and the end of the mother band. The debut material was entirely recorded and produced by Grohl. He wanted to capture his own vocal and experiment with instruments and composing . Totally unexpected this project caught the attention of the biggest record labels in the USA. The interest in this mysterious project – Grohl was trying to hide his real name under the name Foo Fighters – made the musician form another concert group. “Foo Fighters” album was released on July 4th, 1995, marking the beginning of almost two  decades of artistic and commercial success.

Foo Fighters are a bit unreal, just as if no crises, problems or conflicts could ever affect them. Since the end of the 90s they have been recording, performing in unchanged squad (in 2005 Pat Smear came back to the group, he was a part of FF during their first years), they release their albums regularly, they do not participate in scandals, they do not have hurtful artistic crises and do not change their sound drastically in order to attract new listeners.  They are themselves, one of the best guitar bands from America and they have under their belt a countless number of tracks known even by random listeners.

The great success of their debut – almost half million copies sold in the United States alone, was beaten two years later by Foo Fighters second album titled “The Colour and the Shape”. The album includes such hits as “Everlong”, “Monkey Wrench” and “My Hero”. In one of the interviews Dave Grohl described the genesis of the last one, admitting that when he was growing up, ordinary people were his heroes, not rock stars. In 1997 Dave Grohl became a hero for thousands, still being an ordinary guy.

“There is Nothing Left To Lose”, “One by One” and “In Your Honour”, which are three subsequent Foo Fighters albums released within 6 years have established the band’s position and brought them 4 Grammy Awards, including two for the best rock albums. The real series of wins started  in 2012, when the album and tracks from the album “Wasting Light” have collected five most important music awards.

Foo Fighters’ recent album is actually a complex project – the record and documentary series “Sonic Highways”. Eight tracks recorded in eight different studios in the States. Each studio is a separate, documented story with one local musician involved. The album just like the series directed by Grohl both were welcomed with enthusiasm. Foo Fighters started their tour as part of “Sonic Highways” promotion. Grohl broke his leg during the concert in Sweden. He finished the show, but the entire European tour was cancelled. In the subsequent months the artist was performing on a special throne, which didn’t  lessen his charisma and the performances’ atmosphere. In the summer of 2017 Foo Fighters are coming back to Europe to play all the cancelled concerts, but also to reach some other places. On June 29th they will perform in Gdynia as another Open’er Festival headliner!

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