JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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Altercafe - 2017


HURT LUSTER / 28.06, 17:00

Cast: Joanna Pawluśkiewicz, Aleksandra Markowska i Marta Iwaszkiewicz.

Although they are in different age and have different life experiences they are friends in life, and they understand each other more than anyone else on stage. They play an entirely improvised spectacle that is based on their intuition and their sensitivity. There are no rules. Improvisation all the way!


Cast: Piotr Gasik, Mateusz Lewandowski, Bartek Magdziarz,  Maciej Nawrocki, Joanna Pawluśkiewicz, Marta Podobas
Piano: Joanna Kucharczyk
A group of improvissers, actors and vocalists will create the music show in your presence. All improvised, all live – music, dialogs, songs. The only thing they need is the title.


Feministic music horror at ALTERCAFE stage / 1.07, 17:00

After a difficult divorce from Zdzisław Metro, Paula jumps into the Vistula, but is saved by Chudy Wojtek and gets into coma. She wakes up after many months in St. Family Hospital in the future Warsaw, ruled by commissioner Andrzejczuk. In the underground she meets Girls from Charlotte imprisoned by professor Max Hardcore who uses them in nation-technological researches – he inseminates them with heroes’ semen to create SuperPoles. The plot thickens even more when girlfriends escape from the hospital dressed as nurses, they pass the ruins of the Savior Square, where troops of cursed soldiers and football fans rule. They get through to the Wild Side of Vistula, where the insurgents get together ruled by The City Shaman. Commissioner Andrzejczuk chases them with his minion Augustyniak. When the girls get to the centre of the rebellion in the old solarium at Haller Square, it turns out that the rebellion gets weaker – more and more insurgents are bribed by 500+ programme. Girls decide to establish a band with The City Shaman. They call it Iron Vaginas and try to fight the tyranny of Andrzejczuk by feministic songs that will activate women to more action. The first concert will take place in the legendary club Skład Butelek. Will the Girls from Charlotte make the crowd love them? Or maybe it’s too late for the rebellion? Can
a song be used as a weapon in fight?

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