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Ewelina's Crying

KINOTEATR, 29.06-2.07, 17:30


A play on what it means to be yourself in a world where identity is the product of various, often conflicting narratives. The text blends fantasies with received opinions regarding actors and actresses, and the image they project in the media. The actors taking part in the production attempt to play themselves as imagined by someone else. Unable to rebut what is being said about them, they remain stuck in their arbitrary and incomplete identities that permeate their private truth. The accumulation of roles it is hard to say who is actually saying the lines spoken on stage.

From the author: The theatrical setting is dismantled to get closer to the spectators and ourselves. The absurd situation that we created is a way to escape the boundaries of our expectations and schemes. In our work, more than once have we been turning everything inside out, experiencing the freedom stemming from it, the freedom which, as we hope, is shared with the audience.

Produced as part of the Teren TR programme, 2014/15.

text, direction: Anna Karasińska
dramaturgy cooperation: Magdalena Rydzewska
choreography: Marta Ziółek
director’s assistant: Ewelina Pankowska
cast: Rafał Maćkowiak, Maria Maj, Ewelina Pankowska, Adam Woronowicz

Play produced by TR Warszawa.

In the Solitude of Cotton Fields

KINOTEATR, 29.06-2.07, 19:00

„One of the best Polish performances of the  last decade”/ TVP Kultura
„It’s arrestingly theatrical, direct and simple” /  New York Times

A unique revival of the famous play, long-awaited by the audience and portraying the transactional nature in interpersonal relations. It tells the story of two men meeting in the dark corner, on the outskirts of the town. The Dealer and the Client are trying to land a shady, or maybe even an illegal deal. The spectator needs to find out what the matter of the deal is, as it turns into a trance-like duel with grimaces, words, poses and blackmail. Tell me what you want and I’ll sell it to you. Tell me what you have and I’ll tell you what I want. The dealer will never name what he offers, maybe because he himself is in need. The client will always demand guessing what he wants, maybe because he is not able to ask for anything. The poetic dialogues by Bernard-Marie Koltès is accompanied by the ultra-hard, live music and emotions that require unbearable physical fitness from the actors. This is also a story of a dialogue deformed and unfortunate, that does not lead to understanding. On the restless quest for closeness and encounter: is it still possible?

“In the Solitude of Cotton Fields” blends theatre, performance and live concert featuring the Natural Born Chillers. A legendary feat in the new theatrical aesthetics, of which the experience is a must!

text: Bernard-Marie Koltès
translation: Marian Mahor
director: Radosław Rychcik
visual design: Marta Stoces
music: The Natural Born Chillers
cast: Wojciech Niemczyk, Tomasz Nosinski


BEAT STAGE, 29.06-2.07, 18:15

MAKE YOURSELF starts with a training, an order and a body sculpture. The subject of this experiment is a group of 5 performers. For the performance time they put on following names: High Speed, Coco, Lordi, Glow and Beauty. Marta Ziółek as Angel Dust is a moderator and a guide through this experience. We are somewhere between gym, techno party and corporate mindfulness church.
MAKE YOURSELF is a utopian structure, which creates its own style, language and sexuality. It is a kind of trip, which transmutes body into a machine. Here the very individual monologues blend with hybrid group workout and trance practice consisting of rave, kundalini yoga, latino flow & dancehall.
MAKE YOURSELF is a gang, which creates and transforms itself to the Lutto Lento music.

PREMIERE – 20, 21, 22 May 2016 in Komuna// Warszawa

* * *

Concept & choreography: Marta Ziółek

Creation & performance:
Agnieszka Kryst// Beauty
Ramona Nagabczyńska// Coco
Robert Wasiewicz// Glow
Paweł Sakowicz// High Speed
Katarzyna Sikora// Lordi
Marta Ziółek// Angel Dust

Singer: Maria Magdalena Kozłowska

Dramaturgy: Anka Herbut [IP]
Music: Lubomir Grzelak [Lutto Lento]
Set design & visualisation: Dominika Olszowy
Photos: Witek Orski, Dawid Grzelak
Video and graphic design: Krzysztof Bagiński
Costumes: Marta Ziółek
Project menager: Dominik Skrzypkowski
Production: Komuna// Warszawa

MAKE YOURSELF was created as a part of a series of "The Real Utopias" - the final part of the project "The Future." by Komuna//Warszawa


Justyna Kopińska, Łukasz Orbitowski and Jacek Hugo-Bader.Another renowned writers, who are invited to the Open’er especially for you. Fascinating discussions about life and literature in Kinoteatr on June 30 and 1 – 2 July, always at 4:00 pm. The Book Institute and the Third Programme of the Polish Radio are Alter Art’s partners in the project Book at Open’er.

June 30: Justyna Kopińska
July 1: Łukasz Orbitowski
July 2: Jacek Hugo-Bader

Justyna Kopińska – journalist and sociologist. She writes for Gazeta Wyborcza’s Duży Format reportage insert. Winner of the Amnesty International Journalist Award, two-time winner of Teresa Torańska award for best journalist writing, winner of Grand Press and PAP (Polish Press Agency) Ryszard Kapuściński Award. Two-time Andrzej Woyciechowski
distinction recipient.

Łukasz Orbitowski (1977) – novelist and columnist. Author of many collections of short stories and six novels, including “Szczęśliwa ziemia” and “Tracę ciepło”. Polityka’s Passport award winner for his novel “Inna dusza”. The novel also received a nomination for the Nike literary award and the Gdynia literary award. Host of “Dezerterzy” programme in TVP Kultura channel.

Jacek Hugo-Bader (1957) – Polish journalist and reporter, occasional filmmaker, writing for “Gazeta Wyborcza” since 1990. Two-time Grand Press and Polish Journalists Association main award winner. Nominated to the Nike Literary Award and the Beata Pawlak Award.



140 beats per minute. Rave culture and art in 1990s Poland

The title is a reference to the number of beats per minute in classic techno music. Jacek Sienkiewicz, a pioneer of techno in Poland, whose works are presented in the exhibition, played in this tempo in the 90s.

Marcelo Zammenhoff, „Usta”, 1992

The “140 beats per minute” exhibition, prepared for this year's Open'er Festival by the Mu-seum of Modern Art in Warsaw, presents the connections between 90s rave culture and modern art in Poland.
The word “rave” is used to describe dance parties with electronic music – mainly techno – that began to appear in Poland together with the political system change in the early 90s, often voicing the naive, but nonetheless authentic optimism of opening up to the world, its civilizational and technological advancement.
The rave/techno culture was the music subculture that appeared after 80s punk, engaging visual artists fascinated by how the rave community came together in reaction to the neoliberal atomization, privatization and hierachization of society. It was also a new subculture, after the hippies, to show such interest in the visual. Images were as important for them as dance and music. It was the first time a dance party became an equally important medium for visual artists. Galleries became dance clubs, exhibitions turned into rave parties.
Visual artists were intrigued by a new figure present in rave culture, that of a sample artist - DJ and VJ – who creates his works live from prepared material. As opposed to previous music subcultures and artistic directions, a sample artist fights for his anonymity and con-tests the existing cultural hierarchies – the divisions between the revered artist and the fascinated fans. Artists interpreted techno as another incarnation of avant-garde, non-literary abstract art of constructivist provenance. By entering into a relation with rave cul-ture, they showed interest in its technological aspect. Here, art is created mechanically. It is a reaction to the appearance of new, mass-scale technologies, such as personal com-puters and the internet, in the 90s. Art created in the context of rave was another chapter in the history of relations between art and technology, and a direct precursor of current post-internet art.
In the “140 beats per minute” exhibition we are especially interested in the role of rave in relation to the pop tendency of Polish art in the 1990s. In opposition to so-called critical art, artists creating this trend sought more inclusive, non-elitist forms of building communities through art.

Guided tour with the curator every day at 6 pm, in English – 7 pm.


Paweł Althamer, Rafał Bujnowski, CUKT, Marta Deskur, Sławomir Elsner, Jarosław Fliciński, Marek Kijewski/Małgorzata
Malinowska (Kocur), Karolina Kowalska, Wspólnota Leeeżeć, Grupa Ładnie, Miłosz Łuczyński, Marcin Maciejowski, Joanna Małecka, Paweł Paulus Mazur, Yach Paszkiewicz, Józef Robakowski, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Janek Simon, Jacek Staniszewski, Karol Suka, Agnieszka Tarasiuk, Piotr Wyrzykowski, Robert Zając, Marcelo Zammenhoff, Alicja Żebrowska, with guest artist Gregor Różański

Łukasz Ronduda
Szymon Maliborski

Curatorial cooperation:
Zofia Krawiec



WOMEN: „Sonita”, „Tru You Princess (Presenting Princess Shaw)”, „Amazing Nina Simone”, „Björk. The Creative Universe of a Music Missionary”.

WE, THE PEOPLE: „They Will Have To Kill Us FIrst”, „Under the Sun”, „The Hunting Ground”,” Racing Extinction”, „When Elephants Fight”, „Ellis”.

MUSIC & ART: „Amy”, „Cobain: Montage Of Heck”, „The Reflektor Tapes” (Arcade Fire), „Janis: Little Girl Blue”, „Ruined Heart” oraz „Les Bosquets”.

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