JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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In 2013, Open'er continued its extended art formula. On each festival day, festival goers could watch as many as four theatre plays. The premiere staging of "Kabaret Warszawski” by Krzysztof Warlikowski(Nowy Teatr) was an undoubted highlight. Over four festival days, this star-laden portrait of modern times has been watched by a full audience.


The play "Courtney Love" by Teatr Polski in Wrocław opposed the show business in Poland in the 1990s with the spectacular success of Nirvana and the title singer, often accused of leading to the break-up of the band. Open'er is in the background.


„Nancy. Interview., the performance by Nowy Teatr, crossed the boundaries between theatre and dance and transferred the audience to the 1970s New York, where they could observe the tension between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen.


"Paw Królowej" by Teatr Stary in Krakow, based on a novel by Dorota Masłowska, also got a positive response from the audience.


The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw also had its place at the festival with the Projection Propaganda Machine. The machine, inspired by early 20th-centuryscience-fiction flying machines, screened a collection of avant-garde films from the Museum's film library.


Another part of the Museum's activity were the "Gdynia Under Construction" works. Gdynian architects, artists, sociologists, monument experts and "casual" habitants guided the Open'er audience around places often closed from the public, yet revealing the landmark modernism of Gdynia, emboding the Polish dream of modernity.


This year's Open'er Gallery highlight was "Antek", the aviation installation by Paweł Althamer and Grupa Nowolipie. Four Ikarus buses, painted white and placed to form a plane-like shape, became an expression platform for Open'er goers. Over four festival days, they made use markers, sprays and paints to leave their mark on "Antek".


Paweł Althamer also led another edition of his "Pramień Sonca" performance, first shown in 2012 in the capital of Belarus. A crowd of people dressed in golden spacesuits marched on the main street of Minsk, expressing their hopes of political freedom and a better tomorrow. A few dozens of festival goers put on similar outfits and went on to greet the rising sun after the concert from independent bands from Belarus, Harotnica and N.R.M.

As each year, ALTERKINO presented a collection of the finest documentaries on music, politics and society. Every cinema lover had a chance to see "Shut Up and Play The Hits", which tried to tell us why James Murphy /LCD Soundsystem/ decided to disband the group in its heyday, or a film on a riot act that became notorious in the whole world, becoming a symbol of fighting against the oppressor regime:  "Pussy Riot. A Punk's Prayer, as well as DetropiaThe Ghost of Piramida, And Who Taught You to Drive? Culture Above The LawHuman Scale, Trains of ThoughtsMiłośćForget Me Not, True Stories, Women Are Heroes, Searching For Sugar ManThe Expedition to the End of the World.,Chasing the Ice.

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