JULY 4-7, 2018 GDYNIA


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"We are already a large European event. Now it is time to stop for a while and think of the next steps. Start creating. Start even more out of our own initiative. Offer a new quality (...) I am sure we are going to succeed. The future of Open'er looks fascinating." 

This is how Mikołaj Ziółkowski described a possible changes to the festival a few days before its 10th edition. What was then a mere plan now becomes reality. As each year, dozens of thousands of festival goers took part in concerts, but also in theatrical performances in cooperation with Nowy Teatr with highly successful “Angels in America”, and in best documentaries within Planet+ Doc Film Festival in Alter Kino. 



Open’er also introduced contemporary music, hosting Krzysztof Penderecki and AUKSO orchestra in penderecki//greenwood project. It’s hard to imagine a better setting to the sounds of "Polymorphia” than a thousand listeners enveloped in milky fog and; it will be remembered for many years. Unhidden feelings on Maestro Penderecki’s face when he bowed to the barely visible audience - this was also a moment to remember.



"Before the play, Andrzej Chyra expected us to play for 30 people. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the crowd running to the theatre tent" - this is how Nowy Teatr actors recalled the first performance of "Angels in America". Alter Kino was also "overbooked", with not enough seats for all the hopeful viewers during many screenings. 



One of our cult old plane hangars was adapted to host Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw and show the most interesting video works and installations inspired by music. Huge interest in the exhibitions from Museum of Modern Art led to prolonging its hours of admission.



A long-kept secret, large-format festival installation “Totem” by Maurycy Gomulicki towered the festival. A fertility symbol, rocket, dirty and phallic thoughts, ice-cream cones, even Christmas tree - all those are what "Totem" brought to the festival goers' minds. The artist was more inspired by the idea of axis mundi, the axis of the world in Latin. "For thousands of people who come here, waiting for concerts from their favourite band, Open'er is an axis mundi", Gomulicki explained. This widely discussed work of art inaugurated the Open’er Gallery, which we would like to develop in the future by cooperating with Poland’s most important artists. We do not only intend to continue the art project at Open’er, but also develop it over the years, bringing you all the best from creators, directors and composers. Soon, we will announce the first artists participating in the art project this year. All this exceptional art in one place - only at Open’er!

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