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About Fashion Stage

Designers on Fashion Stage

Fashion Stage at Heineken Open’er Festival is an unusual fashion inspiration space, created to underline many faces of the festival, which combines music with art and fashion. The area features collection from the hottest new designers having a fresh outlook and original ideas, and the 80,000- audience does not give them stage fright.

This year, Fashion Stage returned under a new name and with a line-up splendid as ever. Open’er  featured the most recent trends, both ready-to-wear and more eccentric collections. You could admire works from the following designers:

Anniss Ania Syczewska

She is engaged in inter-disciplinary arts: photography, performance, film, design. She studied sculpture at the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts and at the University of Wolverhampton Design & Media Arts (UK).In 2011 she debuted at London Fashion Week.


Since 2009, Bola combines fashion and art. Unique collections are created from a combination of the latest trends, precise design and materials covered with self-made screen prints. These unisex clothes are made for all those who value comfort and individuality.

Joanna Hawrot

Joanna Hawrot is a brand signed by a Polish fashion designer. Her style is a combination of futuristic and styled elements. Collections presented in a form of an art installations are realizing the brand philosophy FROM FASHION TO ART.

Jarosław Juźwin

Jaroslaw Juzwin is widely considered to be one of the most promising fashion designers of poland's young generation. In his f/w collection he uses different textures, Scandinavian symbols and contrasting colors, thus breaking the standard trend of the fall season in urban fashion.

Sophie Kula

Sophie Kula started her career in 2011, with the diploma collection entitled Thumbelina /Patchwork Soup. With this collection she got to finals of Off Fashion contest and to Oscars of Fashion. Her new collection ‘Global Warm” will have its premiere at Open’er Festival.


Madox design is a brand that offers primarily pants. Projects are alternative to the clothes that can be found in shopping malls. Full of energy and optimistic cuts, they are a contrast to the classic and timid forms, in which gender plays no role.

Dominika Naziębły

Young, polish ecodesigner, a graduate from Academy of Fine Art in Lodz. She presented her projects both in Poland and abroad. Aesthetically, it is a fresh design with a grain of salt.

Filip Roth

Filip Roth - a stage name of the fashion designer, creator of installations /video-installations. His first collection appears durring the one of the main fashion events in Poland. Premiere of the new collection took place in May 2012.


SHE/S A RIOT is a Polish independent fashion label created by Ewelina Kustra, culture and style reporter. SHE/S A RIOT is all about limited editions of unusual clothing for people with original style, including Polish music stars.

Open’er T-shirt competition

Click on photo to buy festival t-shirts.

The winners of Festival T-shirt competition are: Patrycja Makarewicz from Szczecin and Karolina Specht from Bydgoszcz.

Both winning works will be reproduced onto T-shirts, so each one of you will be able to buy the girl’s projects in the festival shop.
Thanks to the high level of this year’s designs, we decided to grant festival watches and albums to the following entrants:
Agnieszka Nowicz, Małgorzata Janicka, Vanessa Selka-Tycz, Jagoda Tarasek, Natalia Krawczuk, Anna Wrona, Paulina Banaszewska, Dorota Hauswirt and Marta Jaguś.

Until now, the area hosted collections from: Bartosz Malewicz, NENUKKO, Anna Dudzińska, Hyakinth/Jacek Kłosiński, MISBHV, Aleksandra Wawak, MAMAPIKI, Cock'n'Bullstory, Fanfaronada, Iskierka Sisters, Iwona Leliwa Kopystyńska, Kuxido, Michał Szulc, Alexis and Pony, Ene Duo, Katarzyna Ochocka, A&E Vintage Store, Marta Siniło, Grzegorz Matląg/ Maldoror, Piotr Drzał, Oluhi, Green Establishment, Twins, UEG, Plastikowy.

This year, Elle magazine had the pleasure to support the activities in this area, and covered Fashion Stage on July 4-7, 2012. The magazine also picked Ewelina Kustra (SHE/S A RIOT) as the best Fashion Stage' 12 designer.

The winning projects from 2011:

Katarzyna Litewka

Irina Yashina

The winning projects from 2010:
Agnieszka Iskierka-Spławiec:


Aleksandra Woldańskia-Płocińska.


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