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There's no Open'er without books and reading! We invite you to participate in discussions with writers in ALTERCAFE and informal meetings in library organized in cooperation with the Book Institute and Polish Radio Programme 3, during the festival days. All of this, as a part of the National Programme of Reading Habits Development and project Books at Open'er. Read everywhere, on the campsite, on the beach, on the road!

The festival library has been organized for the first time in 2012 by Open'er Festival in Gdynia in cooperation with the Book Institute and Polish Radio Programme 3.

The library was located next to Polish Radio Programme 3 zone. It is still functioning until now. It is such a special place that everyone participating in the festival can use it.  Here, everyone who finds reading pleasant and as natural as breathing and listening to music, can reconnect with books. And those who so far have been avoiding books, will be convinced that it is worth reading. The library was a sensation - it has been visited by crowds of readers, who received over 1000 books. In 2013 the festival audience knew exactly what to expect. Thanks to the publishers, who have been supporting the Book Institute and who’ve helped to fill the shelves of festival library, the choice of titles was wide again.

In 2014 we've aded another activity. Meetings with writers. In ALTERCAFE you had the opportunity to talk with: Sylwia Chutnik (July 3), Ignacy Karpowicz (July 4) and Małgorzata Rejmer (July 5). The meetings were hosted by the journalist of the Polish Radio Programme 3 Michał Nogaś together with Szymon Kloska and the Book Institute. In 2015 there appeared special guests in ALTERCAFE: July 2: Ziemowit Szczerek, July 3: Magdalena Grzebałkowska, July 4: Zygmunt Miłoszewski.

Watch the video:



Open'er cares about its youngest festival goers! Also this year, the festival features the youngsters kingdom - Kids Zone. The designated area has a great view of Orange Main Stage. The Kids Zone's motto is to invoke the imagination, experiment and involve all the children's senses. In its garden, find a musical playground, a huge spongy hedgehog or "Swiss cheese". Play board games for the entire family and take part in art workshops of 3D photography, stop-motion animation, analogue visuals or building LED lights. At the end, you can always hide in a separate, closed tent. 
The youngest ones are welcome to the Toddler Zone. This safe space enables them to relax and learn new skills with freedom to explore, have fun and experience the world with senses. 2-3-year-olds have the chance to "paint their world" during creative workshops with large cardboard constructions: a castle, a rocket, igloo, a house or a train. Together with the animator and their parents, toddlers decorate them using various artistic techniques.  The fun never ends: when ready, the constructions are an excellent place for games, and the garden earns new elements every day.
The KIDS ZONE features a comfortable toilet for children, a baby changing station and a nursing station.
Children are supervised by their parents at all times, and only special wristband bearers are allowed in.   
Open from 3:00 pm until midnight.
Buy tickets for children at special prices


One of the most popular attractions at our festival! Almost everyone knows what the Silent Disco is about, and if not, let us give you a short instruction. Each participant receives a pair of wireless headphones. There will be two different DJs playing on the two different channels, which makes everyone listen to what they feel like at the moment. You don’t like the track played by the first DJ? Just switch to the second channel. The participants can’t hear each other, and if the DJ plays a blockbuster, it’s difficult to stop them from singing. You’ll be able to hear two groups singing simultaneously two different songs, and dancing in two different rhythms! It will be such a special experience. Silent Disco will take place in an air dock in the merchandising area 2 at the festival area from 8:00 P.M until 2:00 A.M throughout all festival days!


NGO zone at Open'er 2017

Independent non-governmental organisations are one of the fundaments of a free, democratic society and country. For many years now, Open'er has been opening a special zone for NGOs. This year this area will be different, it will be two times bigger.  This means more activities and more action: more NGOs and guests; more information and discussions, and all of this in brand new place designated for meetings.

NGO at Open’er 2017! This year the following organisations are invited to our special zone at the festival:




Sport zone – space for the enthusiasts of active ways of spending free time – it is just beside the festival. Moments free from music can be spent actively on the volleyball or football field. The locker room is located nearby. Write your name on the notice board at the football and volleyball fields and don’t forget to invite the audience! Thanks to the Sport zone, the program “Active Summer” will be conducted simultaneously on the Śródmieście beach. Search for the chill out zone and “lazy activities”.

Dates: 28.06 – 02.07
Opening hours: 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Schedule of activities:
1) Field A
-volleyball matches
-teams consisting of 6 people
-continuous system during the opening hours
- a mini tournament if there will be great interest in matches
2) Field B
- football matches
- teams consisting of 2-3 people
- continuous system during the opening hours
- a mini tournament if there will be great interest in matches
3) Activities zone
- 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm sport games and amusements
- 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm yoga
- 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm sport games and amusements
- 3:00 pm– 4:00 pm fitness
- 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm sport games and amusements
- 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Zumba
- 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm sport games and amusements



Music festivals have a huge impact on their surroundings. To make Open'er leave the smallest ecological footprint possible, we're introducing more and more eco-friendly solutions..


In 2010, Open’er Festival received the international Green’n’Clean Award, only granted to environmentally friendly festivals. The criteria include control over transport, production, energy and power supply, catering and other crucial elements of festival life.



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